Can we use this Blended tonic

Can we spray silicon and humic acid, sea weed, aminoacid, fulvic acid together

If you want to mix various Manures / Nutrients /Pesticides / Fungicides, it is essential to make a JAR TEST as explained below.

take small portion of the materials (in 1-2 gram) mix it in a Jar in 100 ml. water. Then mix the other ingredients one by one with a gap of 15-20 Mnts. if it is not getting heat /crippled with foam then it is OK. like that Try one by One and see that there is no reaction on mixing. If you find any reaction with HEAT /crippled / foam, then it is not to be mixed.

However, I am suggesting you go for Application / Spraying of Fertilizers, Pesticides, Fungicides it is better to go in a category wise for mixing. Even then also go for the JAR TEST.

Further it is also suggested never mix Chemical, Organic, Bio ingredients. It also strongly suggesting not to use any other Chemical, Organic, Bio ingredients on a particular crop during the entire crop period. If you use chemical fertilizers, you go for chemical ingredients only. In the Similar way in respect of other Fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides etc.
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