Can we plant teak saplings along with mango saplings?


Hi, good evening to all. We are planting mango saplings in our farm land. I am planning to plant teak saplings as a boundary line along with mango plantation. Is there any disadvantages for planting both saplings near by. Experience people please let me know. Thanks in advance


I have seen Teak planted in Mango farms. Considering Mango as the primary crop and Teak as the secondary crop, I suggest you to maintain proper distance for Mango from the Teak Tree.

If you want to get the maximum benefit from the Teak Crop, keep the distance as close as possible (while considering the actual space) as this will make the teak crop grow vertically. One more advice would be to prune the side branches at the appropriate time as the teak or similar crops need to grow in girth at least for 20 feet from the ground (without any side branches) to get the maximum benefit while you sell.

Padmanabhan Ganesan


Thank you very much for the input sir :slight_smile: Yes mango will be primary crop and teak is just to utilize the remaining space


Well, I don’t know how true this is, but there are some folks who state mango does not do well with teak around.

You will have to ask around further. Not sure if anyone on the forum has come across this.


Sure sir, actually i am asking local farmers who did this. But i am getting mixed replies. so still in dilema



The Fact is that all the Mango trees which are closer to the Teak will not give more than 20-30 percent of yield since the Teak leaves are considered to be suppressing the mango trees.

I would rather suggest to have Teak plantations in a separate land with no connection from Mango plantations.

Else, the second option is that if there is a minimum of 25 feet gap between Mango plant, then it would not affect the yield of Mangoes which are considered to be the primary crop.

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I agree with Govardhan. We had wild teak trees growing in the midst of our mango compound. 2 years ago the teak trees were cut, after that the output of the mango trees has improved.
Reasons that I heard from traditional farmers.

  1. Teak foliage prevents access to sunlight for neighbouring mango trees.
  2. Teak gives off heat which is harmful to mango trees (reduces their growth)
  3. I also presume, their underground roots may be competing to get nutrition from the same soil.