Can we cultivate Ginger or Turmeric b/w Papaya(sown at 6ft x 6ft ) rows..?


  I have Papaya orchard with 6ft distance between rows of 50 Days Old.  Now i got an idea to cultivate Ginger or Turmeric as inter crop under the shade of papaya.

  But we can not plough or till land b/w these rows with Bullock with out damaging Papaya Plants . Is there any option for tilling b/w these Papaya rows of 6ft distance…?


Minitractor? Mini tiller? Power tiller?

Papaya dont go well with all intercrop. For example any cucurbeit will attract Virus to papaya.

Ginger is nutrition consuming crop you need feed a lot of nutrition when you for intercrop.
you can go for a control plot to experiment (say 1 gunta).

Hi Sri,

Oh i see… do we any other suitable intercrops for Papaya…? May be legumes like pulses.? My intention is to use the inter space as much possible to inhabit growth of weeds.

Hi Chandra,
  can i use mini or Power tiller as both weed cutter and land cultivator( ploughing , tilling , roetc) …? if yes can you suggest some good brands and provide approx. price for them…?
  I would like use it for 10 Acres cultivation land.

Papaya and drumstick would be good. Drumstick is also a nitrogen fixing tree. What is the spacing for papaya?

Spacing is 6ft x 6ft . I wonder, we can plant drumstick b/w these rows of 6ft space…
BTW, i have planted Drumstick along boundary of Papaya Orchard.

Drumstick is not possible, you can have bush cowpea, lablab etc.

Thanks a Bunch for valuable suggestion :slight_smile:

Dear All
Inter crop in between papaya rows is possible.You can grow lemon grass under which no weeds can survive.Regarding intercrop of ginger,you have got delayed by 5 months.Ginger/turmeric is cultivated in the months of May-June not in September.You can grow Rabi crops like radish,cauliflowers,capsicum,lettuce,onion,garlic etc.Papaya appreciates open dry land around itself for good fruiting.Any intercrop will cause loss in productivity of papayas.Drumstick is a huge tree and can not be planted in between papaya rows.It is not a correct suggestion.

Hi, there are a few threads on the forum regarding this - please take a look.

There are verities like PVAM,PKM1 you can prune them and control what size you want. If you have asumed desi drumstick without prunining I am ok with your comment, I did not suggest desi one.

People were just talking like you when they heard about 900 trees/acre of Mango. But we have lot of UHD examples now in India.

Dear Sri 2012
Kindly send photographs of such wonderful plant varieties for my consumption.Throughout my journeys all over India, I have never encountered a moringa tree which can be controlled as per one’s requirements but will like to see one such plant.Also 900 trees/acre mangoes sounds unrealistic.To make it authentic please add there pictures.I will positively like to know more as to where these trees exist and will personally go to that place to brush up my knowledge base.

As Sri suggested i am planning to plant legume like Cow Pea, Lab-Lab. I hope, for my 50days old Papaya trees this should not be problem.

Thanks in Advance !!

Hmm. I went through some threads and finally i am confused in selecting Power tiller or Mini Tiller for my requirements.
i have started another thread : … uirements/.
Please help me to choose one. Thanks !!

UHD Mango plantation of 678/acre is in Udumalpet, Tamilnadu.

UHD Mango plantation of 900/acre in Africa see below video @ 3.3min

Example of high density Drumstick


Thanks for this videos…

Agricultural going on their advance level with experts…

For us beginners very helpful this videos & sharing knowledge.

One more example of HD Drumstick plantation  See below video after @5min  678 trees/acre … d5AqXKTYKQ

Dear Sri 2012
The moringa video is unclear being full of music and no commentary,but mango is well covered.Thanks for that but I had expressed my wish to see 900 mangoes/acre.We see only some 600 odd plantation in one acre.Shall be grateful if you can show video of 900/acre mangoes.How is the height of moringa kept low is unclear!Will this plant remain with in low height limits or will pruning be the technique to keep its height low.It has been viewed that in spite of pruning(UHD etc) moringa plant can not fit comfortably within 6 ft papaya rows.My intention was never to doubt your knowledge but to put correct thing in correct perspective.I appreciate your knowledge and you deserve my thanks for that.

I am ok with your questions, the debate will bring out more minute details.

900 trees/acre is in South africa. TN Agri university staff visited it. They also had the same feeling as you had, even I had the same question.Contacts are there at the end of the video if you want to visit the farm in South Africa.

Tree height will be kept 7-10ft tall. The idea is to have uniform size fruits and ease of harvesting.

Drumstick:6ft Cannot fit? Sri. Palekar suggests 4.5ft in 5 Layer method. I have plans to visit some farms who is doing 5 layer concept, in coming months. I will take some pictures and post.

The concept will be appreciated but the inter se distance of moringa plants does not clique well due to their being inherently tall plants which make wide canopy (even if they are of any other variety than local trees).