Can gerberas be grown in black soils that is choudu nelalu

can gerberas been grown in black soils that is choudu nelalu

Not very knowledgeable on Gerbera, but picked up a couple of points -

  • Gerbera prefers slightly acidic pH
  • Has root rot problem if drainage is not good

Black ‘choudu’ is typically on the saline/alkaline side with high pH and poor drainage, so you may want to confirm both these aspects.

By the way, if you are planning on a greenhouse, will you need to use the same soil for the beds?

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As replied by Mr.Chandra, black soils by nature are alkaline and have poor drainage so plan Gerbera only in red loamy soils with soil pH between 5.5-6.5 and water pH below 7.
By the way there are no rates for Gerbera because of excess Production in Hyd and Maharashtra so please plan for market first and then only go ahead with the project. I’m a Gerbera farmer in Anantapur District and am finding it extremely difficult to sustain with the rates this year.


thanks sir
can u suggest beter crops for our land due to lack of rains our region people are facing loss from 2 years i had completed my horticulture so i am willing to introduce a benificial crop in our area.