Can coconut survive in paddy fields

Dear all,\ Please help me am planning to plant Coconut sapplings in 1.75 acres of my 5 scres farm,during channel irrigation i grow paddy in that part in summer i grow green manures,now i plan to grow coconut in that 1075 acre plot can i grow it,will it survive the Rain and dampness by near by paddy fields…

If yes which breed ahould i go for and where can i contact…?Am Located at kollegal near by Mysore,Karnataka.

According my field surveys if water is more coconut will not grow and yield .

Dear Sri Gokul.s.vir,

In A.P, Tamilnadu, Pondichery states, In paddy fields, farmers are growing Coconut plants, as a mixed crop in paddy fields, with little modification.

  1. some farmers converting 1/3 rd of the land as fish pond by digging the soil and keeping it in another 1/3 rd land in which they grow coconut and rest 1/3 rd land they are growing paddy.

  2. some farmers, in theirtheir paddy fields, at intervals of 30 ft x 30 ft, they keep 4 ft height x 6 ft w x 6 ft w heaps by digging the soil. On the heaps, they are planting coconut plants and growing, and in the rest of the field they are growing paddy.

  3. some farmers make a bund all around their paddy fields to a height of 4 ft above, and to a width of 6 ft above, and planting coconut plants on the bunds.

All the above are doing well and farmers are gaining. In the paddy fields, we can not grow coconut plants with out raising soil heaps or bunds, at least to a height of 4 ft and above.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

when coconut saplings are small up to afew years,paddy can not be cultivated. then when tree base is formed then you can do so.

Thanks for the advice

Thank you sir,

Coconut cannot be grown in Paddy Field. Can be Grown in Paddy Field by making Beds  above 3 Feet Height.

sir i mean to say that i wanna plant coconut where paddy was grown previously and i wont plant paddy again…but my doubt is that dampness occurs when paddy is grown near by fields ,will my coconut trees die…?

yes. when roots dont have supply of oxygen trees die . Raised platform of about 10ft radius is still advisable. This is verymuch in practices in Keral and other coastal lines.
Second point most paddy fields are with saline soil. So when you make a platform get fresh red soil from a dry land it solve the problem.

My paddy field get damp when i apply water only otherwise its stays dry…i will make canals in the border of the plot where i wish to plant coconut so that water drains out…Is Raised bed really necessary…?

When you are not cultivating paddy as inter crop atleast for few years, then there is no need for raised platforms.

Get your soil tested and check for electrical conductivity that is the salinity indicator. if the soil is saline topping up soil is inevitable right?

Thanks for your advice i will test it soon