Cableway system for Agricultural resource collection

I am looking for some advice on implementing cable way system in an agricultural land to mitigate labor availability, reduce time and damages to the fruits. I found IIT, Chennai designed a portable Cableway system to collect agricultural resources but I am planning to go for permanent fixtures.

Anyone implemented Cable way system in their farm land?

Experts, kindly share your thoughts on implementing cable way systems in 12 acre farm land primarily cultivate Banana and Sugarcane.

Thank you

Hi Siva,

I recently happened to see a cableway setup at a railway crossing where it was used to ferry materials.

It was a modified minidor without the tyres and modified shaft/rim that was running on the rail links.

Could see the possibility of such setup.

Or you may try building a motorized cable car. I immediately think of hooking couple of DC motors, like the kind used in electric bicycles to a shaft & wheel assembly n build a body on top of it. The power source could be EB or DG or Solar or even battery.

I believe you are an engineer. I am sure you can improvise on the idea.

Hope this helps!


Saravana Kumar

P.S: IMO achieving this goal will never be economical.

Dear Saravana Kumar,

Thank you very much for giving some ideas to build Cable way system. I saw several models of Cable way systems (manual to fully automated) in youtube. Many of them are used in western and South American countries for moving farm resources. There are plenty of designs available in Internet. If anyone implemented in South India, I would like to see their farms. Anyone interested in designing cost effective cable way system for farm use can also join with me to make this as a final product.

Of course, there will be a cost involved in designing and implementing such cable way systems in my farm. I am seeking help to estimate the cost involved and then compare with laying pathways and building store room in a convenient location in my farm land. I will decide the solution based on the best ROI from the two options.

Thank you

Hi all, we have some aplications in south america, Ghana and also we have an office in India.

We can help you with a solution for your needs. There are some diferent solutions for each kind of farm, depends on the geography, soil, type of fruit, etc.

You can email me to give you more info.

contact us!! ventas a thomaspump . com

This is something many of us (at least myself) thought about it to handle the labor shortage. Mitigating the risk…

I can think of majorly 3 categories, but it depends on the product you are going to produce, for flowers it will be different and for coconuts it needs to be different. but if you wish to load in crates all is same

Fully automatic collection system
[]Full rail tracks with remote controlled trolleys [/li]
[li]Full rail tracks with gravity pulled trolleys - might need something to create slope both ends  [/li]
[li]Conveyor belt central operating[/li]
[li] Ropeways both at ground level or above ground level [/li]
[li] Pipes with blowers / suction to push the product to required directions [/li][/ol]
2. Semi Automatic Collection system
[]Designed roads and pick up crates with Tractors / trolley (i might go with this) [/li][/ol]

Lets take hypothetical example for implementing it in 12 acers. Lets assume for implementing one of the automated solution, it costs roughly 10L and 2L / yearly maintenance (including operator/s), you are looking at 20L for next 6 years.

Investing your starting amount 10Ls for fixed deposit of 8% yearly, you get 80K every year.

You can fund freely against your automation
one person for 365 days or
2 people for 150 days or
3 people for 100 days (higher rates for lower commitment)
4 people for 60 days

It depends on how frequent your yield is going to be and how many people do you need