Buying land in small bits or large one


Could you please share your experiences…

Buying agriculture land

Is it better to buy a big bit at one place

Or to buy it in small bits at various spots.? (Ignore the cost option)

The debate i want to start is (i see advantages with both options!!!)

Small bits are good because: at various locations advantages are different (soil type - i found even in a same district soil will be different nature) water resources different.

Large bit advantages: may be can build small houses for workers and can have them for full time. Keep it under control.

But what do you people think … please share…

small bits different places are easiliy avaialble but  you need to have borewell for each piece of land, a seprate set of drip, fencing will cost multiple times. Difficult to manage etc.

Please tell me why are you considering this option? howmuch area and how many pieces? how far are they from each other?

Bits are around 40 km apart.

Personally i like all at one place.

6-8 acreas each

Hyderabad - Karimnagar area Talabgana

that is two pieces 40Km across. That means you cannot have most equipments common. Everything will be double+transportation.

Before buying contact your village accountant and check your eligibility to buy and check if there are an litigation on the land.

The biggest problem all farmers face is manpower/caretaker .
If you have a single parcel, its easy and cheaper to manage laborer/caretaker .
Also fencing cost will literally multiply with two parcels .
When you have single large enough parcel its always easy to manage .

Imagine you are planning for  Drip irrigation, pipe line, water storage and similar infrastructure development  at a single parcel and two parcels. 

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Small pieces of land have been practically a big problem to me.I am required to ensure crops protection from animals as well as man at many places along with provisions for irrigation in each field,which is very costly in deed.Commutation time to reach each field is also wasteful and it results in utter neglect of all agricultural areas.Consolidated land gives you sufficient time to take care of protection,irrigation,storage and pooling in of resources for quality crops along with effective drip irrigation system.Time wasted in commutation also gets extinguished in consolidated holdings.

Small pieces of land farming is problem to any problem and to the nation. Managing is very difficult, fencing land  or separation between two land is of waste.

I feel one single land even if the soil is different should be good you can plan for the crop as per the soil.

AS other mates told it becomes very costly, instead of spending on 2 sets of irrigation system one can be installed, managed. If you have more money look for expanding the land near by.