Buying land and farming in ecological sensetive area


I would appreciate if experts out here guide me if it is advisable or not to buy an agri land in eco sensitive zone. The purpose is solely for agriculture but would involve undertaking Integrated farming activities including Agroforestry, Silviculture, Horticulture, Animal husbandry and Apiculture besides usual mixed crop farming.

Please advice.

Resp WizNIK, 

If you have a land (parental property) in eco sensitive Zone, it may be risky, but can’t but, as control of your land will be in Government hands, for which crop to be, not to be, conditions to follow etc and/or the land may be acquired by them any time, when needed etc. The farmer will get back the govt recorded price , as per govt rules.

We advise you, better not to go for purchase of the land in echo sensitive zone, until and unless, to be taken on some other reasons. Now you have to purchase the said land at market value and if needed by government, it may be acquired, but compensation will be as per government recorded price( registration value) only. Apart from that there will be control of government authorities on crops to grow, permissions needed etc.

Think twice,  as the market price of the said land will be less, if you want to sell, because of any other unfore seen needs of family.

best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer