Buying farmland

Hi Everyone,

My daughter is interested in having an organic farm, however she has an OCI visa and it seems that those with OCI cannot buy agriculture land. I am an Indian though and maybe it can be bought in my name. But then I am told that no non-farmer can buy such land! why, it is beyond me! :'(  Looking in Bangalore or Hyderabad or anywhere!

Anyone have any info regarding this?


Hi, I don’t think you have farmer/non-farmer restrictions in AP.

Non-Citizens/NRI’s cannot purchase plantation land, in any part of India. They can however inherit plantation property.


As said, in Andhra Pradesh there is no any rule like that you can buy the land without having a farmer status as I have bought.

Here is a post by me that guide you in buying land in Andhra Pradesh -

Hope it helps.


Thank you Sir,

We will Provide Agri-Horti Farm Land near Hyderabad in and
around Shankarpally Are at Most reasonable Prices.
The Lands which we are offering are Directly From Farmers,
those who are Urgently in need of Money for Performing
Marriages of Children and redeem their Family Commitments.

All the Lands which we are offering are just within a Radius
of 50 KM from JNTU, Kukatpally.We will provide all the Documents
right from 1954 to date for all the Lands we are dealing.

Further thae Lands which we are dealing are ancestral Properties.

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Can you provide the average or approximate cost of the of 1-2 acres of farmland?

Furthermore, any pictures of the farmland would help.



Interesting info zen, can you please let me know the price/acre in the said locality, at present, i am in hyderabad, if you can provide some info and contact detail, i can get in touch with you.



I guess you are referring to the post of Vasudhafarms. They have provided their contact details.
@Vasudhafarms, Giving an approximate price range for the land would help.


Farm Lands are available for sale from Rs.3 Lakhs on wards depending upon the Location Ground water potential etc.
This is the Minimum Price for sutable Lands for Agri-Horti Farming.

We will provide entire work of Legality, Development , Advise etc.

Dear Chandra / Shiv / Sheo / Manne

My question to all the popular Hyderabadi farmers in this forum,

Considering the “Telangana” turmoil going on in AP state, is purchasing agriculture land (near Hyderabad) these days a good idea? or Should we wait until a ‘Final decision’ is made by the government.

please advice. This will surely help.

I have shortlisted few lands near Viqarabad/Shankarpalli/Shahbad, many people are advising me to wait.

Thanks in advance,
Mohammed Muneeb

Hi Mohammed Muneeb,

You could argue it in a number of different ways but I think in general, turmoil is a good time to pick things :slight_smile:
That said, I don’t think non-real-estate/agri lands have had a large impact by the Telangana movement.

Hi Mohammed

My two cents are as follows

Whether telengana comes or not, it will not affect demand for land. Food will still be required. Follow your heart.


Buying of Agri farm lands in Telangana is not an Issue.The Farmers in and around Hyderabad are Very GOOD and Co-operative like othr Places. These Farmers are very Co-operative and are Gentle in Transactions.The Farmers here around Hyderabad are mostly of BIG Holdings.There is no support from Govt. of in providing infrastructure like digging of Bore wells ,Land Development,Fencing etc.  as is Providing in the States of Gujarat,Rajastan,Karnataka,Kerala etc. Because of that reason they are selling the Lands  for Creating infrastructure to their other Lands.Some small holding Farmers are selling for redeeming their Debts,Performing their Children Marriages etc. One cannot get selling land after settling the issue of Telangana. Most of the Lands at Prime areas around Hyderabad were sold out. The reason behind it is if we grow Grass in the Lands also having Market.It may not be out of Place to mention that ONE Farmer near Shankarpally has earned an Income of Rs.Eight  lakhs in ONE and  Half Acre by installing an hiring  Generator for his Bore well in view of the Power Problem.

Hence in view of the above there is no Problem in Purchasing Agri-Horti Farm Lands in Telangana because the the Lands are at Rock Bottom  Prices. One can get back their investment with in  TWO years even in Worst Conditions too. There fore one can purchase the Lands without any hesitation in Telangana .No body will come in our way of Development even after formation of Telangana.All this is the Game Playing by CENTRAL GOVERNMENT to suppress the interest of AP as whole.

Interested Parties in Purchasing the Lands in Shankarpally area may Pl. Contact 09133498366 or mail to