Buying agricultural land in Karnataka

I have 1.5 gunta (4 cent)as agricultural land in Kerala with all proper paper work, with same reference can i buy land in Karnataka (around Lingadahalli, Terikere, Gajnur, Bhadravathi, Shimoga or surrounding to Bangalore.

Looking for 1 acres agriclutural land to purchase. Please advise how to purchase and any additional requirement if any.


The Minimum requirement to qualify as a farmer in Karnataka is10 Gunta/Kunta. Hence you having 1.5 Gunta is not considered as Agriculture land and it will not be possible to buy agriculture land in Karnataka. See Section 79(a) & (b) of karnataka land reform act. Anything less then 10 Kunta is considered as revenue site.

Thanks for the reply,

I saw the documents which was in Malayalam converted to English. Totally 40 cents (15 Guntas) are available and registered 3 years back as former with all clear tittles.

Now can anyone advise is it possible to purchase any land in Karnataka with same pani holding in Kerala.

and looking to purchase 1 acre land in rural areas of Karnataka, ( Banavara, Birur, Tarikere, Lingadahalli or Gajnur).

Please advice me on this?

what are the documents required to purchase the land.