Buying agri land in Konkan area - call for group

Dear Mr. Dixit,
My suggestion to buy land individually meant the pieces/parcels of land should be in individual’s name to avoid any disputes later. Of course when we buy the land, we buy large tract of land & distribute land to each member according to their willingness to put the money in the project.
To carry forward the idea I suggest all of us meet at some convenient place shortly for exchange of ideas.
I would forward you cell numbers of people who help you to get farmer status. You can speak to them directly. I have never interacted with them just saw their advertisement in local papers.

Dear miklib60,
The land you are referring to appears to be very costly. Since the objective is purely agricultural and not commercial exploitation of land by constructing building or Bunglows, i think it would not be viable, unless you have forgotten to put dot between figures 1 and 5:)

Thanks a lot Haresh ,please do forward me those numbers …

Your point is valid.The purchasers’ names should be independent but deal should take place for collective chunk of land, so that  we can get benefit of bulk purchases.I hope some members are on to the serious work of contacting bulk land sellers etc.Though contacting direct farmers will be a shade better since the brokers will be out then.The ideal technique is to go to any village and contact village head(pradhan)and ask his help for land purchase for yourself.and also ask him, who all are desirous to sell their lands.In 90% chances you will get a positive message of persons willing to dispose off their land in some obscure corner in the village.

Hello All,t

I have seen a few lands near Tala, Raigad and have reached the conclusion that this is not a good area for pure agriculture activities. A lot of villages near to Mumbai-Goa highway are being acquired for DMIC project. Latest being Vave Diwali between Kolad and Indapur.
In such a scenario, the land price are higher around 4.5 to 5 lakh per acre, and after a few years what if government acquires our land for industrial project.

So, it is better to find land a bit down south after mangaon till chiplun. I am in the lookout for such lands and will update once I find a big enough track. Good part is we can find cultivable agriculture land around 2 lakhs around khed.

Another point if we plan to buy individually and cultivate collectively we will have to form a Agro co-operative and every member will have shares equivalent to ownership of land.

that all for now, I will update when I have some concrete information. I have set a time frame till december end to finalize the land deal. Next stage of co-operative farming can be though after that.

Ashutosh Sarolkar

Dear Mr. Sarolkar,
I concur with you about land at Tala. Cost wise Land around Tala would not serve purpose from purely Agricultural point of view. I viewed a land around 6 km from Sai village on Mangaon shrivardhan road, part of the land was on slope. He quoted 3.5/-lac per acre, but the person has not reverted back when i asked for papers.
I also had a look at land near Chiplun the rate quoted by broker was aprox Rs.7000/ per Guntha, i have been following with broker to get the papers.
I might be visiting Mangaon again on 22 Nov to have a look at some more lands.
I agree with your proposal of Agro co-operative society.

Khed also would be a good choice.

Dear Ryan,
There are some threads with phone numbers about getting farmers status in this forum itself.
You may contact them.

Hi everyone,

Please include me also in your group.

I have came across a person willing to sell 100+ acres of land south of Chiplun at very reasonable price of 1.5 lakhs per acre. Land in small acrage is about 3-4 lakh per acre.

I will get the papers and post the details.


Dear Piyush,
Is his cell no. 8452884540? I had got in touch with that person, and informed him about my visit on 4th November. But he did not get back to me after that.
If you can get the papers, we may proceed further.

No i donot have this number so he may be someone else.

He will be sending all the documents copy for further process.

I will keep you all posted.

In case there is another opportunity we should grab that and look for land in 100+ acres chunk then only it will cost us cheap.


Some one has informed about land near Rajuri village, about 100 acres and very cheap. I have tried to locate the village on google map,without success. i am planning to visit the konakn on 14the December and try to have a look at land and keep all of you informed.

Pls include me in the group.


Dear All,

Very systamatic approch is envisaged to save time and to locate the good options. Stage wise search is the only alternative I foresee to get the ultimate result. else we will keep on discussing and sharing the piece of info indivisual received by any unknown sources. and we will not reach the conclusion.

Can we concentrate our focus and conclude on the locations tentatively.
If it is done we can speed up the search in better way. Even in that case we can search through  wellknown and authentic firms or consultants with some nominal charges at the time of deals finalization. Also we can go ahead with advertise in local dailies. By doing so we can get good response and probably we will able to screen out certain good properties.

Above is the very preliminery  step which will be followed by other regorous evaluation steps on legel, geographic climatic, soil, irregation, local labor avvaliability and other many concerns including and other commercial feasibilities and other modalities.

So I appeal you all to lets have serious and systematic approach with effcetive and efficient efforts.
Kindly share your mail ids and phone nos so that we can have telecon if required. Each of us will do every thing possible to make this mission sucessful.

Look forward to hear from you.

With best regards,

J N Dixit

Hi Dixit,
I agree with you, I had in fact posted the enquiry online on quicker and have received good response. I have shortlisted the numbers of agents and prepared a table as to location, tentative price and area. I had planned to visit all the areas this Saturday but being Christmas, tickets are hard to get. If we can get the vehicle and share expenses we can visit this Friday and Saturday also.
I have also created FARMNEST- Mumbai Group, all members of the area are requested to join. We can have a group meeting as soon as we have sufficient numbers.
My mail id is, cell no 9619596670 & 8898012766

Wish you all the best Haresh ji this time as I find you very sincere towards goal.I too will join your group at opportune moment.First let me find some agricultural land in the area.Afterwards Maharashtra shall becomes my second home.

Hi Haresh,
Its good. Searching has to be proper and cover all aspects and scrutinize thoroughly.
There are various adds posted on media. but one need to be cautious bcos there agents most of the time donot know even basic info. Also there are  many fake agents and solely invove in land scams. Yeah for sure we can get the trends and other info through these adds.
Earlier I also got good response since I had posted adds in all leading daily news paper in Sindhuduga. There are some authentic and reputed(known for fair and transperent deals) dealer firms those are involved in bigger deals at some nominal fees at the time of actual deals.
Regarding visiting site and collecting other local info. its good idea to go there. Lets prepare and compile our indivisual findings and then probably we can finalize  to see couple of properties during each of such visits.
One thing I want to clear is its sometime lenghty process to find out the good land but its is neccessery to do so. So let prepare ourself to the same. We may need to travel extensively and spend  many weekends and holidays . Its not one day job.
An appeal to other members genuienly interested in this mission, kindly share your views. Brainstorming at stage of project is always good. But need to speed up now.
Regading forming group of guys from Mumbai is a good idea and we will have the same.
Keep in touch
J N Dixit

Dear Shri RC Dixit,
Thank you very much sir. You are welcome to Maharashtra anytime.

Hi Mr. Jay dixit,
You are right there are some bogus agents as well. I have been screening them meticulously and while speaking if they are vague and evasive, i just drop them from my list. Since visiting, searching and finalizing appropriate land may itself take six months, having agents who cannot provide details would only add to workload. 
Mumbai Farmnest Group is already operational now, you may go to profile and add group in your account settings.

Hi Haresh…

Where is the group formed?