Buying agri land in Konkan area - call for group

Dear Mr. Jay Dixit,
Your assesment about soil conditions is right. Although land in Dapoli, Guhagar was available aplenty earlier, my searches have yielded negative results as far as pricing is concerned. These areas have become very costly and unaffordable for Agricultural purpose, particularly after Dighi port and DMIC. Some of the Agents have informed me that government has fixed rate of Rs. 18.40 lac per Guntha in these areas, so even if we get land at cheaper rate, which appears difficult, the Stamp duty itself would cost more than the Land price! 
However, you may still check, since two opinion are better than one. And also to be absolutely sure about the information.

Dear Haresh,
Land nearby to Didhi port, near by to costal area are commercial and no doubt these are going to be project affected area in futuer. Even land Tala is also need to be scritinized bcos these lands are going to be booked under new govt project and it is the only reason local people and agents are showing more interest in selling.
Land in Shrivardhan, Dighi, Mhasala, Harne is not much attractive as compared to land avaliable in areas little south to this that is next to Ratnagiri. yet these are not much commercialized upto Malvan. After Malvan till Goa its really difficult to get agriland in costal line due to tourism.
Option I
So prefered area would be south to Ratnagiri and north to malvan with 1-10 KM inside from Costal line. this is ideal.Plenty of water, red soil and excellent climatic condition for alphanso, Cashew and other plantation and will find towns within 10-15 KMs. these are generally ~20KM from Konkan rail stations nearby and are well connected by roads.
Option II
Second option is come little towards east Mumbai Goa highway within the periphery of 15 KMs from these highway is also good. One caution donot ask rate for land touching or nearby to highway these are exorbitantly high. Go towards more inside and interior area say 4-5 Kms you will find rate low.
Lands nearby to Talera, Vaibhavwadi, Mangao (Sindhudurg)
So we will focus on these options.

We will start collecting info about same as well lets prepare data for sincere buyers with area they are are looking for. sothat we will firm up our basis for varoius enquiries.

All group member are requested to express their views and deails regrading their tentaive requirements.


J N Dixit

Thanks mr. Dixit for useful information. I feel it is time all of interested members meet and carry the idea forward and also distribute work. As i see this idea has been floating for long time now and no concrete steps are yet seen.
I propose a tentative date sunday 11th january 2015, just to give all members to plan in advance.

Dear Friends,
I had proposed a meeting on 11th Jan 2015, so far I have not received any feed back. I think it would be necessary to meet to carry the idea forward, in any case we the Farmnest Mumbai group are planning a meeting on 11th January, it would be appropriate to meet.
Mr.Hiren Bose a member of forum has kindly consented to make his farm at Badlapur, which is about 25 KM from Thane, available for meeting on 11th January.
Pl confirm.

Dear Haresh,
Please let us know Hiren Bose farm house address. Also so far how many of members has shown firm interest in buying land? we will focus on serious buyers and eliminate all other non serious members. Do you have any list with you else I will start preparing.


J N Dixit

Dear Mr. Dixit,
Unfortunately no one has actually confirmed so far. It appears members are interested only in discussing the topic,  no one is interested to act.
If no one is interested in the idea, I would probably go solo.
I would upload google map on the forum, or you may please send your email address or whatzup no so that i can send you the directions. Also please let me know how you would be travelling, so that i can send you precise directions.
I have prepared a temporary list, i would mail you the names in your mailbox.

Dear Haresh
I have not closed my offer yet.Pl do not say like this.People do not mince their words once they commit on some thing.I have already informed on thread regarding my budget as I had full seriousness when replied.Unless some unfathomable problem erupts,I am unlikely to change my stance.Pl be worriless.

hi, i run a small mango orchard and a goat farm. I am urban but i spend time up and down to ranveli next to shriwardhan. We do services from acquiring land to developing agriculture projects goat farming and tourism. My other areas are education media and IT. If your group or individuals would like any of my services i would gladly discuss the possibilities.
The land cost has gone obnoxious yet possible. Depending on what you want or need to grow and how long a gestation period you are willing for apart from finances and management, marketing etc.
  So far i have learnt that it is easy only if you know what the venture entails before hand. Also correct budgeting. Aaand the right labour. I do not want to scare anybody but warn that it is a lifestyle change for most urban dwellers.
  Anyway do get in touch. mail me. it is good to be in touch with educated farmers. :slight_smile: 

Thanks. Naeem,
Would get in touch with you asap. Pl send your cell no or e mail. Id.
My cell no is 9619596670
Right now i am travelling and would be back on wednesday.

Jai Shri Krisna
I am Raju Gandhi
age 62.
Founder of trading BUISNESS in Agro Inputs
Sheti Udyog Bhandar
Swargate Corner Pune
020 24473615
Currently looking for options buying the land / rady orchards up to Rs.50 lacks.
best road side @ 150 Kms from Pune
Promoting Water Conservation,Regenuation of rivers, using Shirpur Pattern & Organic Farming.
Will be very glad to join Shri Dixit & others
Raju Gandhi
098220 52586

Noted sir. Have added in whatzup group

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Hello everybody,

I am quite interested in acquiring some fertile land in Konkan area. I am from Mumbai but currently living abroad for far too many years.

seriously interested people can get in touch with me on Whatsapp. +86159 9017 9500.

I am currently interested in a 30-acre parcel, main crops and agricultural focus - agroforestry, papaya, mango, drumstick, etc. dairy with focus on Cheese-  Mozzarella. I would like to have an all organic, sustainable farm. In this regard I will also be visiting Israel for some training by the end of the year.

I want to invest 3lakhs to 5 lakhs per acre on the land and put another 5 lakhs per acre on-farm infrastructure. I will be living on the farm, so I will be building a house for myself.

The land on the boundary will be converted into forests by using the afforestt method -

I am a food industry guy.

I am looking for fertile, non laterite soil, which in south Konkan would be very difficult.

If Konkan doesn’t work out I may move to TN or Kerala. I speak Marathi, Tamil and Malayalam fluently. I also have export connections in China and I am very well versed with China and fluent in Chinese. I want to export organic products to China, South Korea, and Singapore.

138 acres of land avaiable Taluka Mangaon, District Raigad or which 60 Acres is mountain top table land and 78 Acres is Mountain drop. Owned by single family of Owner, His Wife, Son and Daugther.

Totally Farm land. Expected price is 10 Lacs per Acre ( Negotiable).

Good for Solar enegry with TATA power and M.S.EB on other end. No wheeling charges. Also approved by M.E.D.A for wind energy.

Intrested people please reply. We will set up small gorup and do a site vist.

Dear  Friends 

Have a Confirmed Offer From One Gentleman  the Land is  35 Kilometers From Chiplun  and The  Price Offered is 150 K  Per Acre 

Please  Send me your  Reply on  My Whatsapp No  +919820203096  and I shall Forward you  Some Pictures  and  the Contact Number for the Concerned Gentleman who himself Owns  50 Acres Nearby and Has Planted Rubber , Cashew  and few more Plants .

Am Currently Out Of India and so can not Personally  Travel to verify and See the Above Land but those who are in or around Mumbai Can Definately Go and Visit the  Area  Total Land Offered is 300 Acres  and so  I suppose everyone will have enough if Interested 

Thanks And Regards

Kalpesh Pandya

Hi Ashutosh, I know this is a reply to a very old post, but would like to know the progress on your land buying project. I would also like to join if you have made a Agri-cooperative society or trust or group please. you can reach me at 8197913291 or

Hi Jay, are you on whtsapp on the above mentioned nbr? plz add me to buyers group.- 9892677525.
Rafiq Yusuf.

I am Jivesh mhatre mechanical engineer by profession
from last 2yrs me and my friend searching and exploring Kokan,
For best agricultural plot with good soil quality, for farming purpose. We are selecting plots based on our 40point checklist.
I was also looking for beach side plot for resort and weekend Bangalow project.
Finally we have few numbers of options available with us.
We have surveyed these land through drone for better analysis of typography and details.
I am also in contact with Mr. Dixit sir from past 6month
Discussing about land deals.
We are forming a WhatsApp group only for interested people.
Plz share your number
Thank you
Jivesh mhatre
My whats app number 9987048621
Contact number 9082297001

Use below link fo WhatsApp group
Be a part of nature

‎Open this link to join my WhatsApp Group:

I am selling my land in kokan call me 7767871479

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Message me on 9513614916
Your number is not on WhatsApp