Buying a land with Eucalyptus trees

I am planning on buying a land which has Eucalyptus trees on it. They were cut 3 years back.
My query is if the land needs to be rejuvenated before planting is started? If so, what kind of nutrients do I need to give?

[b]Dear Sirs,

My query is if the land needs to be rejuvenated before planting is started?

Once after uprooting the entire roots from the soil, it is better to follow the following recommended practices to enrich the soil

  1. Plough the land deep just at the begineing of first showers
  2. Apply 10 mt of FYM to each one acre
  3. Broadcost sunhemp 20 Kg/acre as green manure crop
  4. Plough the land with all greens of sunhemp just before flowring
  5. It will adds good volumes of organic content to the soil.

Raghu Ram

        It is better to enrich the soil if it is planted with eucalyptus as this tree pretty much clears everything including water and minerals in the first layer of soil. You can notice that there won’t be much weeds near the tree. But its roots won’t go deep comparitivly to its height. So plough deeply and add manure.

        If you found anything important in eucalyptus , just reply as we are maintaining a plantation


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[size=180][color=blue]Its a myth that eucalyptus extracts water and soil fertility from land.  It is julst like any other tree.  second point.  When the plant is live eucalyptus roots issues some toxins which wont allow any other plant to grow.  Once it is uprooted there is no threat.  Then eucalyptus is deep rooted plant.  the tap root go very deep into soil.  There are lot of doubts on eucalyptus.  Dotn spread the myths.

Raghu Ram  [/color][/size]