Buying a Farm land 3 acres

The land is about 50 km from Nigdi Pune.
The land is surrounded by dam backwater from three sides n is like a peninsula n mountain.

What matetial is economical and safe for compound. Ecomics for 3 acres.
What do I farm

How do i landscape n use max land.
I have three things in mind to do on the land.
A) Green house in 1 acre - please suggest what to farm. I have Colour capsicum in mind. Please other profitable crop also.

B) Goat farming - Start with 50 Osmanabadi goats. (Economics) how to go about. Any other breed which is profitable please suggest along with the reason ans expences. How to study market and do marketing. How is goat marketing done.

C) Mineral water plant. Using bore water. 20 Ltrs Bottles only. HOW DO I PLAN THE.MARKETING & DELIVERY AND WHAT TO TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION FOR REQ BUDGET.

Kindly also reply to my post on my email along with on this forum if possible.It will be highly appreciated. My email address is - atlieg

Before I would like to say I am not an expert I am also planning to do farming based on my observation I would like to highlight few points regarding green house and goat farming.

  1. Cost incurred to run a greenhouse ie cost of electricity, cost to change any repaired parts
  2. After 3 or 4 years you have to change the net on above which will cost you approx. 6 lakhs per acer( rate not sure)
  3. I am from tamilNadu and I use to see to lot of programs regarding agri and animal husbandry, In a program a person told that some farmers closed the green house because they could not afford to change the net in green house as there is no govt subsidy for repair.
  4. Before please calculate the expenses first, then calculate the profit from the product u produce, check if it will be feasible
  5. You can also compare shade net feasibility
  6. And always do not go by figures in paper (profits other farmers saying)
  7. There are lot of videos regarding greenhouse but you search what are the issues in green house then you can have a broad idea
  8. experts can give lot of ideas
    Goat Farming:
  9. Check what type of goat is preferred in your place or the place u r going to market
  10. In my place I spoke with a butcher and his preference is country goat because according to him other breeds will not taste good, and in most of the butcher shop they prefer country goat, and we do prefer country goat meat.
    3)Again please do not go by figures said by the goat farmers, in my observation a goat breeder(farmer) will sell the goats which he is having and if u think u will also make good profit like him u r trapped, because goat breeders business is to breed a goat and sell to peoples who want to start a goat farm, and the breeders will sell certain goats to butcher shop before certain months ex they will sell an under par goat to a butcher shop when it is still kid and not attained weight, but they will sell a good goat to u after it has attained the expected weight.
    Your business is different, you have to sell it to a customer in this case a butcher shop, where he is dependent on his clients, if he does not like the breed u have……. In tamilnadu some farms are closed because of this reason
  11. Analyze why most goat farms have failed you will get your lesson. Then analyze how farmers have succeeded u will know how to succeed.
    All these things r based on my observation I am not an expert.


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Sir If u want to purchase in Ahmednagar District which is 100 km away from your destination. But site is surrounded by Mula Dam . Suitable road access from Nagar -Kayan Highway . 30 km away from Highway but quite suitable for your all Projects


Thank you so much eby. Will surely take into account your suggestion to check why many goat farms have failed. Will do my study throurouly before proceeding n investing.

I would like to get more details on this land

Congrates for a nice deal finalised Atul Ji , I am also From NaviMumbai Belapur,Wud like to meet you some day,I am a Homoepath .9773551402