Building a farm cottage

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i plan to build a small 20x20 cottage on my farm. It needs to be functional for the now. nothing fancy. any idea how much it could cost? the local contractor has furnished me a cost of INR 3.2 lacs. i find this too high for a small village structure without any frills! besides the previous land owner hd already built a small room + toilet.(14x14)…i just want to strengthen and extend it. would it really cost so much!


Hi Devyani, I have just got some quotes for a 16x20 prefab and it comes to around 3 L too.
Looks like brick and mortar is the way to go.

That is too expensive. I have a quote from local contractor every 10x10 is 60K. This with not steel, no floor tiles and Doorand windows exluded because I wanted steel frames for windowes. I may go for jungle wood.
I was cinvinced because RCC with tiled flooring+ pillars will cost 1.2 lacs.

Hi Sri,

thanks for your info - what do you propose to do for flooring?
for my 20x20 i am aiming for brick structure with shahabadi tiles as flooring; cement roof for the now, doors and windows included. lets hope that i get it for 2 lacs…fingers crossed.

For floring Red oxide finishing. They mix redoxide powder with cement and make like a cream and plaster the floor. Later it will be polished with coir and wax if needed.

RCC roofing +Neem wooden windowes included for 20x20ft 2 lacs is OK.

In our place they has a stone plinth 2.5 ft above the ground level( this is called dubbur in our place, then they have 14’ walls of brick and they dont use cement , they use red soil for the binding, then ibeams and t sections frame on the roof, this is fixed with kaddappa stone and plastered from inside and above, which gives a decent finish, and then a asbestos patra on top, for rain protection.
Sorry forgot abt the walls, they are plastered with cement on both side.
Then the flooring and tiling is as per ur choice. Typically this house will cost around 1.5 lacs for 20x20 along with every thing. the big cost saving is the cement replaced by soil.
Most times the bricks are also baked on site.
there r houses built like this that are like 50 yrs old and still going in our place.

hope this helps in some way.

This sounds great , and used to see this kind of structures in villages but these days finding the workers with that skillset is a major hurdle in most areas.

As every one is interested in taking up cement structure work.

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More discussion on below thread.
Check especially earthbag construction(I came to know latley) … 9/#msg6159

[b][b][b][b][b][b][b][b]Hi all

Following is content of mail I received being the member of fukuoka_farming group, hope this will add to your info someway- Thanks - Anant Joglekar

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The cost will depend on few things such as:

  1. Structure of cottage - foundation, walls, roof, tiles, number of windows and doors, etc
  2. The location of site from the city from where the material will be transported and the workers will have to travel.

You can ask him to give you a breakdown of cost of material and labor of various stages.


Dont know where you come from, but even today at my place near Murbad (Maharashtra) 90% of the inside village houses are this type. Believe me i have seen houses that are 100 years old and still pretty much going. The folks say a simple practical thing. “Cement has a usefull life , red mud doesnt”, practical wisdom  guess.

Hi all,.

thanks for your feedback.

I wanted to do a Bamboo, lime and mud house. but the folks in the village quoted me a bomb! maybe they thought that the city gal has potloads of money that she can offload to them  :frowning: i will develop these in course of time but for the now am getting a small brick walled and cement roofed one. Need it esp. with the monsoons now getting in gear.
Had got in touch with some architects from Auroville - but they charge sky high. How does one expect common man to adopt eco-friendly stuff if it is not economical?

Anyways, will post the pics once my humble structure is ready … cheers!

Please look at following link, where they mentioned the cost per sft for bmboo house as Rs.300 to 400.


T Shanmughan

Here is an interesting technology. Cheaper and durable versions of prefab structures from IIT Madras researchers: … ras/278499 … 5/slide/13