Build a small farmhouse

Hi Experts,

I am a newbie and have been following the forum for some time. I have purchased 2 acres of land and am planning to build a small farmhouse on it. The idea is to first build a small house for care taker and one room with toilet for myself.

I do not want to invest more currently. Would want to first taste the waters by having this small unit for some time… If things go in right direction I would like to build a bigger house in future.

This place is in Raigad, Maharashtra. If anyone in the forum could help me with some contacts who can help with building the house it would be really great. I wanted it to be built using Laterite stone as there is a chira stone Quarry nearby around 15 KM.

If anyone has experience in building a house recently in Maharashtra it would be helpful if you could share the cost. That would help me in understanding the prevailing market rates.

Thanks in advance for the help…

15 * 25 sqft for 90,000/- shed of kawela (brick roof tiles) near mahad

Mr. Khan not sure if I understood… are you from Mahad… have you built a house there? Can you share your contact details so I can call you.

Do we have any experts from Raigad area… any help with local contacts would be apprecited…