Bugs/Insects in Lemon Plants

Dear Experts

Looks some bugs eating leaves of lemon plants (looks like grasshopper pupae to me). Pls advice what should I do

spray nimbicidin or malathion

These pesticides are banned.Kindly check
The pesticides are: Acephate, Atrazine, Benfuracarb, Butachlor, Captan, Carbendazim, Carbofuran, Chlorpyriphos, 2,4-D, Deltamethrin, Dicofol, Dimethoate, Dinocap, Diuron, Malathion, Mancozeb, Methomyl, Monocrotophos, Oxyfluorfen, Pendimethalin, Quinalphos, Sulfosulfuron, Thiodicarb, Thiophanat emethyl, Thiram, Zineb

You u make a very hot chilly paste mic with water
Give a spray in morning time
I think ur problem will be solved

You can comfortably use nimbicidin which is neem based