Budget 2016 - Agriculture

Here is the summary of the budget for Agriculture (non the rural),

Any thoughts from the experts about the past budgets and their implementation.  Are these going to be good for us, or just a rosy image to get wow factor on media.

[]Govt will reorganise agricultural policy to double farmer income in five years. [/li]
[li]28.5 lakh hectares to be brought under irrigation.[/li]
[li]Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana to bring 5 lakh acres under organic farming. [/li]
[li]Unified e-platform for farmers to be inaugurated on Ambedkar’s birthday. [/li]
[li]Agricultural credit target of Rs. 9 lakh crore[/li]
[li]Govt to allocate Rs 5,500 crore for crop insurance scheme.[/li]
[li]Four schemes for animal welfare[/li][/ol]
BAD - Rs. 38,500 crore for MNREGA. Highest ever for the rural employment scheme.
Not Sure - Rs. 2.87 lakh crore for gram panchayats as per recommendation of 14th finance commission.

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Service tax is increased by 0.5% as agri cess. Which will be utilized for Agriculture and welfare of farmers.

It is mentioned doubling the income in 5 years.(I really  wonder how this is achieved)

In my opinion there should be dashboard for every budget i.e. what went wrong and what went right for last year. I learnt last year 50% unused funds were there till January.

Somewhere in the past I have read that the MicroIrrigation project has always used its allocated budget almost 100% every year, but in Telangana this year, we have been waiting for the budget from state govt for last  4+ months.

Waiting to see the policies and procedure to 5 Lakhs Acers converted to Organic and will be watching how effective the e-platform for farmers.

Dear Forum Farmer friends,

The biggest advantage our government can give to us, farmers is, " one policy to make our labour coming to our land works, in to our farmer’s fields daily at a specified wage ,which is comfortable to both farmer and labour,", with out disturbing the labour not to come for work, by giving so many bags of fish free of cost, indirectly encouraging lazynes.

I am not sure, whether i am right or wrong, and/or my expression is right or wrong.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao,    farmer

GP Rao Sir,

You are absolutely right. I think, out of the major problems that we are facing currently, labour unavailability is one. As you rightly said, if there is a focus on making the right skilled labour in the farming with right rates, that would certainly help the farmers and the labour as well.


Dear Rao sir, You are right. Govt should allow other job schemes to labour when there are no agri based works available, it should left to the area as its not possible to make a policy which works out for the whole country/state. If that kind of sense is present in the minds of our policy makers both farmers and farm labours never migrate to cities.


Spot on GP Roa Sir. Nobody wants to work these days with easy money available elsewhere by hook or crook. 5 years from now, we’ll be importing almost everything. Corruption / middlemen in the farming sector should be shot. That’ll improve things overnight.

Guy who comes to my farm to buy produce buys it at ‘x’ price and is selling right in front of me for ‘3x’. I got pissed off and never wanted to deal with such folks but there is no respite…

G.P Rao Sir , You have correctly pointed that Govt Policies need to be checked. Many such Policies are just targeted to the Vote Bank

Thank 7you Rao Garu,

You are 100% Correct. The scheme of  “Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.” is bogus Scheme. Under this Scheme no Productive work is Going on . The work under this Programme is useless . They need to work for an hour or TWO for the sake of Attendance and Photograph purpose. Farm Labourers  are not coming to Farming work and  because Farming become miserable.

Hence this scheme should be modified and tend the labourers  to do the work for 8 Hours a Day with the Contributed wages of the Farmer to the extent of 50%. Then a Productive work can be extracted and will be beneficial both to Farmer and Labourer. If cannot do in the above manner, this scheme should be abolished because ample Farm works are there for the People who want to work.


Well said, Manne Sn garu.


instead of allocating such a huge amount for MNREGA they could have have launched a national portal of unskilled labour with minimum wages , in this way it would have been helpful for small  farmers and Small Scale Industries.

Dear friends,

I agree that MNREGA is a bogus scheme and last year the government didn’t give much funds to this. The opposition made that a huge issue.  For one or the other reason we have married ourselves to one or the other party; and Media is riddled with corruption. So, we never hear the truth nor do we really want to hear it. Right after independence, our governments and controlled media has fed us with information such that we are a divided house today.

We, educated farmer, are a very small minority. the rest of us want subsidies, or should i call them freebies. Even in Delhi, one big reason that even educated people voted for Kejriwal is for subsidised electricity and water. A poor farmer wants things today not tomorrow. So, they are happy with subsidies.

We vote for those who give us freebies. So, how can we blame government when they offer us freebies.Just widen your vision and give one look for the overall environment, - that includes media, governments, vote banks, subsidies, corruption, and then our own greed to get freebies - and then try to find way out of this maze.

So in the end i say, it’s US not the government; we are fools and these politicians know it, so they feed our foolhardy. Some of us are able to see this but we are a very small minority.