Brush cutter for my garden


I am looking for a brush cutter for my garden and around the garden, where there are lots of weeds. Please suggest a good brush cutter.
Usage 1-2 month.


brush cutters are available from 16K to 50K in Price. 1HP to 2.5 HP.

I would suggest you to explore renting options. Karnataka Govt launched these centers last year. You have to check in nearest horticulture office.


I googled… but could not find… :frowning:  Please could you help me find one in Bangalore.

Thanks for your help in advance

Go for Honda UMK435T UEDT. I bought it couple of weeks back and I liked it. Lots of people suggested abt it. It’s 4 stroke and hence fuel efficient as well. Govt gives subsidy as well. But if you bargain with the dealer you might get it around the subsidy price itself.

Good luck


Dear Biju,

Can you please mention the specifications of the brush cutter you brought, where you brought & the price you paid to dealer and how much subsidy you got. This will benefit all of us who are planning to buy one.


Pl. go to Honda website and look for the model id. All the specs are listed there.

I didn’t go for any subsidy instead it was bought directly from a dealer in Coimbatore for Rs. 23K.


I am planning to buy Kisan Kraft 8640 model. I got quote for Rs. 13K. I heard the model works well from another farmer who has been using this for almost a year now.


I purchased Mikita 1 hp model for around 20k. Same is available online for around 1k less.

We used it this year for clearing weeds and grass around my farm. It has a shaft drive (compared to cable drive found in entry level model).

Good luck.