Brinjal - low fruiting, flower drop and worms

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I am growing brinjal in pots in our terrace and have some questions. It grows well and flowers but bearing very few fruits. 90% of the flowers gets dropped. Also out of the few fruits that came out, it got completely eaten by some worms i guess. I am in chennai city and have do not have access to fertilizer shops. At times i just apply cow/goat dung which i get from near by nursery and then mulch it with kitchen waste. Is there anything i should do? Please suggest. Images of the plants are attached.

Dear Mr.,
Flower drop  may be due to many reasons. I guess it might be due nutritional  linked hormonal imbalance.  Anyway follow the steps

Buttermilk -10ml  +Vinegar -1ml + Whiskey -3 to  5 ml / lits  spray on leaves and drenching to your plants.

second step after 5 days

Cook  250 gm chicken +  1 lit. water boil it for  25 minutes  -

Take  50 ml  + asafoitida -2 gm + Buttermilk -100 ml in -20 lits water  -spray to all plants and drenching

plse practise soon, write your experience
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Chicken soup for the egg plant! :slight_smile:

Interesting techniques, biofarms. It would be nice to see any field experiments and pictures of practicing these techniques.

Dear sir,

I tried many times to attach photographs.If you can your personal email Id I will send the photographs.In Agriculture we have developed lot of  technologies, and widely using farmers of kerala.Members of Banana Network, Karnataka also adopting  many of my technologies. Biofarms motto  is help people to get bumper production from their crops. Now second step is link banana farmers for exporting their  products all over the world with DFV, Gujarat .Our technologies can be used in any crop .
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The cardamom pics are posted here: … 5/#msg2395

There are four different types of flowers in brinjal and all these types of flowers dont set fruits . The fruit setting is also related to prevailing temperature and relative humidity. The flower types an environmental condition along with  nutritional deficiency and less pollination can be the reasons  for flower drop and less fruit setting . Please add some DAP, FYM or vermicompost  to the plant.
If possible , you can do the 10% spray of vermiwash and cow urine. This will supply plant the required nutrients, hormones for fruit setting and  will also protect from insect pest and diseases
Dr JS Kanwar,

Dear sir,
What a novel idea suggested to set right the fruiting problem in brinjal ! Really amazing but to think a little before following ’ chicken based correction measures ". The plants standing in the pot may bear upto 2-3 kgs costing about 50 rupees. Here 250 gms chicken alone cost Rs 40 and rest of the component part may cost around Rs 25. The invisible expenditure with respect to the preparation and application may cost around another Rs.50. Total cost comes around Rs 115. So, the difference cost of Rs 65 is a liabilities. So it is advisable to go for outright purchase of brinjal instead of trying chicken ideas which will better suit in kitchen area.

A simple practice of planting healthy seeds, soil+well decomposed cow dung + domestic ash+proper placement of the planted pot in such a way as to have exposure to sun, only limited application of water will be a good idea for harvesting brinjal from potted plant especially in chennai.


I agree with comments given by Mr. Ram… The plant requires balanced plant nutrients, proper sunlight, temperature and relative humidity for proper flowering and fruiting. The suggestion given by Mr. Ram is appropriate  and should be followed

Hi, I am Ramprakash , quite far away from you guys , upon assessing your photo, This is what i can share with you, Please check thru, It might work better than expected , Brinjals are a very tough plant,

a) there is a serious defesiency of nitrogen , ( you can get a lot it from your own urine , take a used 1.5 liter mineral water bottle, piss in it once, than mixed it with water till full, than pour it onto the root area , for once a week. you’ll see major changes. )

b) on the flower drop , (calcium defency) you said you were using cow/goat dung , i doubt it has much calcium in it , try getting chicken dung , it has more than 10% calsium in it in wheight , also almost all other micro and macro nutrients needed by your eggplant or brinjal. (Take 100 grams of almost fresh chicken dung and find another used mineral water bottle , fill it with it , than add water till full, pour the juice to the root area , trust me your flower and fruits wont drop, )
also , My friend , Please water it in the morning (before 7am everyday,. and in the evening after 5pm) or your flowers will drop again.

c) on your bug problem : spray the urine juice onto the plant every 10 days , it might help ,

Best wishes.

Ramprakash L Chandra

Dear friend,
You can use waste legs, head or intestine for soup preperation/ either any type of waste from  slaughter houses.Ok. If you buy 250 gm chicken after taking the soup you can use it for preperation.
So both plants and  you can  enjoy chicken. Both are  benefited.  think both way.  Some don’t like soup prepearation  from waste. That is why I suggested chicken. If you are interested buy Brinjal from the shop means  Knowingly you love harmful chemicals.
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I have already posted cardamom plants, The man standing with panicle is Dr.Thomas , Ex.Director., Indian cardamom Research Institute,Idukki,Kerala, Present position Rubber Commissioner, Rubber board,Kottayam also witnessed the technologies, Because cardamom is one of the costliest spices, so farmers that much alert for higher production. I popularized this technology in kingdom of saudi arabia. Western people are totally against usage of human urine, so commercial industry it is not allowded. We can’t suggest also. Anyway  it is  upto the attitude. animal urine is ok.
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on seeing the picture, i understand that there is not much place for proper growth of the root system and consequently uptake of nutrients is hindered. secondly potted plants cannot take heavy load of 15-20 fruits in such a small sized pot. it may retain 5-6 fruits once or twice. in the season. If you apply neem cake ( disolve one Kg of neem cake in five ltres of water and apply it to the basin it not only gives nutrients but also provides protection against cutting and sucking insects.

In my farm when I experienced lot of pests on the egg plants I used neem oil and cow urine and sprayed it on the plants which gave very good result. Now the fruits are very good and no pests at all.

May be you can try this.