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Dear Dr Chandra sir, feel happy in answering you.

The results of Precision Farming, arranged by TNAU professors,to the poor Dharmapuri farmers, is excellent. I met so many farmers of Dharmapuri district in early 2013, twice.

Met some professors of TNAU, periyakulam, who were entrusted the job of precision farming by Administrators of TNAU and stationed at dharmapuri.

I saw the Brinjal growing lands, along with other crops, and found excellent. Fertigation is given ,fly traps are provided,reasonable FYM is applied, and regular periodical inspection is done by concerned professors.

The results were amazing or i say are amazing. They were getting around 150 MT per acre per crop of 1 year. I was told that they were selling those brinjals @ Rs 4/- to Rs 8/-, per kilo.

Dr Chandra sir, I feel that Dr Ramu sir can explain better than me and On behalf of the Forum I request Dr Ramu sir to give his valuable observations and suggestion on Precision Farming of Brinjal crop ,from day one of nursery to day end of the crop. As we know that he is very precise in economical crop figures also along with technical details.

My interest is only some of our forum farmers can follow it and prove better results.

with best wishes for forum …g.p.rao,  …farmer

Dearest Dr.G.P.Rao sir …If I ever establish an Agriculture University , I will honor you with first doctoral degree on your good self …Finally you made me post technical matter on brinjal cultivation …The credit goes to you …Kindly see below attached

Dear Dr Ramu Sir, Superb presentation. Your narration on brinjal crop , is like a cadburry silky chocolate eating. good sir.

Now, i am little fascinated to go for small area farming of brinjal. Can you suggest us a variety of brinjal,now doing very well in south indian markets, both in high production and high price/market acceptance in markets.

What is Your opinion on RizkZwaan company brinjal seeds and/or Enzazaden brinjal seeds varieties ( namdhari seeds are distributors ).

with best wishes for your valued presentations, g.p.rao, only farmer, sir.

Dear G.P.Rao sir

Yes…you can grow any of these brinjal if consumer preference is more in bangalore market .Of course Namdhari company is one of the repute companies in India selling quality vegetable seeds …

What I have presented in Brinjal crop husbandry is just 50 % …Rest you will learn and do when actually doing cultivation in field …

Other things I missed out here is Pruning and techniques for enhanced flowering in brinjal …

But I understand you are veteran farmer that knows how best cultivation could be done in much better and practical way

Be blessed