Brinjal cultivation - how to apply FYM?

I am planning to cultivate brinjal this season in TN.

My question is -
Should I apply basal dose/FYM before making the beds?
Should I make the beds first and then apply FYM.

I would think the second method is better since the nutrients would not be wasted and would be spread only on the beds…

What do the experts here think?

FYI - I am cultivating only half acre …

R u raising a nursery or direct sowing?

at any ways try soaking the FYM in a drum for 2 days and then apply by which you can also elimante weeding issue to a larger extent.


I am raising a nursery. However, my main question is whether I should put FYM on the bed or on the field and incorporate it…

As stated before, I think it makes sense to put it on the bed…Why do you need to put FYM in areas that are not being cultivated…But I want others opinions too…

Dear sir,
As mentioned by you, you may put the FYM in bed and then sow the seeds.Only when shoots have started coming up, mmy advise is to put black woven mulch fabric and not films as even the roots require some breathing .Drip pipes to be adjusted such that the dripping occurs about 2 inch from plant shoot up location.Also the fabric whilst allowing oxygen flow will help in preventing wees growth and fertiliser taken away from plants by weeds.
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Dear Mr,

You see in case of any crop plse don’t do  FYM as such fro our studies it has been found that many diseases and nematodes attacking the crops. It is better to for fermentation with beneficial micobes
as under  Cowdung 50 kg + Jaggary 2 kg + Sugar 1 kg + Trichoderma ,azospirillum, phosphate culture,beauvaria, verticillium,potash bacteria -250 ml each + add  yeast 25 gm  1n 200 lits water and keep it for -10 days, then take 2-5 lits + Humic acid 100gm+ 10:26:26 -1 kg /200 lits water and drench 1-2 lits /plant. if you repeat such type of fermentation every month you have no need to buy bulky compost and can prevent many soil bone diseases. You can contact me at each stage of plant growth.
thank you
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