Brands to be preferred or avoided while buying Mini Tiller/Power weeder

Dear Farmnest Members,

  I am going to buy a Power weeder( Mini Tiller) from KisanKraft (Model : kk-ic-400d-2 ) but i don’t know which brand is good.Can you please suggest some brands which can be preferred or avoided while buying Mini Tiller/Power weeder…?

Model :
Quoted Price : Rs 86,000

Thanks in Advance !!

Check if tax is included.  It is good price if you calculate price/hp. because 5.5hp or 6 hp costs 78-82K inclusive of taxes.

Yes it is including Tax and Tyres cost. I am worried about its reliability.

There is one model from Honda 5 hp petrol engine it is 58K and 25K is subsidy,atleat Honda brand is reliable.

Hopefully you have researched the subsidies available in AP.

Have the Honda one. Got it with subsidy but twice now have had issues with service. Parts very expensive and not really available sometimes. If somebody in the village or nearby does not know how to repair these its again a problem to transport back to the city.

Sorry for the late Reply !!

Yes Chandra Sir !! Also new government ( Telangana ) announced 50%( May be with 30 K Cap) subsidy on farm equipment.
Bank employee introduced myself to subsidy POC(for applying).

Oh i See. Looks like even good brands will get teared off on our lands :slight_smile:. Then i will go with Kisan Kraft as it has powerful engine (9HP) with more attachments compare to Honda.

Thanks for the Information !!

I am using a 6 HP Greaves power weeder and this is pretty useful. I got this on subsidy form the government.


Could you please provide info on the following?

  1. Total cost of the 6hp Greaves weeder.
  2. Area effectively tilled by the blades before requiring replacement.
  3. Cost of the tilling blades.

Your info and any relevant advise would be much appreciated. Thanks.