Boundary wall for a 4 acre plot as it needs soil fill - dilemma

Dear all,

I have a 4 acre plot which is not rectangle but more like “L” shape.

It is about 3 ft below the road level and I intend to do soil fill. My fear is since I will do the soil fill the soil will spill over and spread to neighbouring farms during rains.  Any suggestions to hold the soil??

I had the following thoughts -

-Do a plinth of about 4 ft and then do the soil fill.? Any cost estimates pleas

  • there are pre cast boundary wall options . Do they need plinth or only the pillars need to dig deeper and the prefab wall can start from ground level. If this works I can have the columns till 8 ft height but do the wall fill only till 3 ft, do the soil fill and plan for raising the boundary wall as and when the budget permits .
  • any other economic solution . I intend to do the soil fill in april this year and I don’t think the natural fence/ barrier options can work as it take naturally growing time.

Any commercial farming  use suggestions for the land , it is around 50 km from Delhi / Gurgaon . [size=100][size=120][/size][/size]

What is your intention of land fill? Is the lower elevation is harming you? There are kilometers long roads even 15 ft deep is not having any issues.

drawbackas are:

  1. Too expensive.
  2. You are going to loose the fertility. You can do it only with lake silt, again lake silt has poor draining quality.

Please discuss with your nearest agriculture officer(because personal inspection can throw more light)


Thank you for your response.

The intent is to avoid water logging and ensure proper drainage .

The soil fill will be with Balu mitti from fertile land nearby and should not impact the fertility .

Idea is go for mix use for horticulture and other farming activities.


plant vettiver ,which is supposed to hold the soil and since it requires minimum water and grows fast you can try doing this,we created raised bunds (boundaries) within our farm so that the soil and  water (during rains)  stays inside the boundaries,to strenghten the bunds we planted vettiver. hope this helps

Thanks Sangeeth,

That’s a wonderful suggestion. Will it be just there to hold soil erosion or can it have commercial use also?

Is it propagated with seeds or like grass?


we got some dry vettiver roots and planted them on the bunds,we started with a handful of roots and now we have covered almost all the bunds,am sure they can be used for commercial purposes also,but I wouldn"t know because our intention is not to grow vettiver for commercial purpose but to strengthen the bunds and avoid soil erosion

Thanks . Any one any idea where can I get this around Delhi / Gurgaon

try in any agricultural college or horticultural college,even if they dont have they might guide you

Thanks . I googled a lot on this. Very valid input.

If water logging is a concern why not  create a small pond at the lowest point?


Please read more discussions on water logging in below thread(check especially last few posts) … /#msg14457

Thanks Satish and Sri

Thank you Bhayya for Providing opportunity in suggesting you .!

It is not advisable to make filling the Land and construction of Boundary Wall .
It will be more costlier.  It will be costlier than that of  the Cost of your land…
Even if you construct a Compound or Plinth Basement, water stagnation will occur.

It is better you Plan for the crops like Paddy etc. Instead of Compound wall
it is better you Plant the Trees supporting the earthen bund on the lower side
of your Land. If it is for Fast results you go far Bamboo Plantation and strengthen
the earthen bund.

vasudha Green Farms,