Borewell water only coming for 20 minutes - help

We got water 120ft but we drlie 550ft water come 20mints only than not come after 20mints agin 20mints come water same thing repeting pz tell me soulation pz any give me soulation for thise problem pzz

Dear Sirs,
welcome to our Farmnest Forum. It is a begining, and unfortunately you are in trouble start. Be courageous and Almighty, shows you a way sirs.

we feel, The point, at what you have drilled, might not be a good water source, like a live water stream/canal, and no good Aquifer is existing at the spot of drilled, bore well. Meaning of, you are getting little water after 20 minutes and stops again after few minutes, indicates that the drilled point is not amidst the water Stream/canal, linked to any Aquifer. Anyway, you are unfortunate sirs.
Any thing can be done, only if water source is good. Try to do scanning of your Borewell water source and they tells you the quantity of water in the source, existing in your borewell. Let us hope the best sirs.
g,p,rao, farmer

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As @g.p.rao mentioned, try to find out the right borewell point. Either you take the help of water diviners or take the help geologists to identify the water point so that in future you should not get into this problem.

Alternatively, go for ponds if your land is big enough to accommodate ponds for storing rainwater.

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