Borewell stucked due to compressed casing

Good evening,

Our bore well drilled to 520fts. 5 inch (6 guage)casing 590fts. installed v4 submersible motor at 510fts. with 24 impellers.
after 20 days of usage we found motor running and water not coming out.  We informed it to the dealer they tried to pull it out. we found it very  difficulty to pull out. finally 350fts pulled out manually after that we used chain pulling got another 40 fts with casing. now HDPE pipe is recovered but motor is at 60 fts depth.
Technician says that fiber casing is compressed or broken. or motor stopped by wire.
suggest me how to remove the  motor or repairing(removing) the casing. with best methods.

thanking you,

with regards,

Dear Sri Pavan kumar,

Similar problem was faced by me, in my land few years back. we tried ,but in vain. I was told by some experts that, If the casing pipe is MS, it can be taken out of the Bore well, by some means.

Where as in case of PVC/fibre casing pipe, chances of taking it up with out damage is rather remote. Mostly it will brake and/or crushed. Process is also expensive.

then i was forced to leave that and closed the bore well hole.This is an experiance of mine. Take some other upinions also.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer