Borewell selection advice please


We recently drilled a borewell and got 2 to 2.5 inch water… at 230 feet and borewell depth is 380 feet with casing length of 183 feet…
Casing is 7 inch


  1. Can i put 5 HP submersible borewell pump motor OR 3Hp

  2. At what depth hv to put motor

  3. How many stage pu

These type of questions has been answered by many people in the forum. For the benefit of the user, I am repeating the answers.

Unless you provide Yield in Inches or Drawdown level of the Borewell. You can ascertain from the Drilling Operator

Since the bore well depth is 380 feet, it is suggested to install the pump at 350 feet for continuous water output. you have got 2 inches of water, you can choose 5 hp or 7.5 hp motor, this also depends upon your requirement, if you very less water you can even choose 3.3 hp motor, And regarding the no. of stages in pump, you can calculate the stages with 30 feet per stage, for you it comes to 12 to 15 stages, depending on the borewell place ground depression or elevation and pumping water above ground level to some height, example to overhead tank or storage tank.