Borewell Recharge

All of us have borewell whether it is in our home or farms.  My question is, Can we use the same borewell to recharge after filtering the sediments of the rainwater.  To give more information, can we allow the water from the rainwater to go through the same casing pipe in which the bore is there.

What problems we may have in this scenario?  Whether the Pros are more or Cons are more?

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Dear Padmanaban,

Borewell recharge techniques are very common & our own FN has lots of blog posts regarding the topic.

And i bet the pros outweigh the cons, that is if at all there are any!


Saravana Kumar

I understand lot of discussion has happened related to Borewell Recharge.  But my question is unique and different.

Can we use the existing casing pipes (5 inches or anything) to act as a borewell recharger rather than creating structures or other activities around the borewell areas.

I get it now.

Yes you can use your existing casing pipes, I dont see any harm in using these.

Ideally recharge pits are dug around the well, where the rain water is collected for filtration and this chamber channels the collected & filtered water to the borewell.

There is a minor issue, if the casing is too old and corroded, while the pipe is being drilled care must be taken. There is a chances of cracking,if the crack joins two holes then pipe starts splitting .  We can avoid this properly placing holes with a safe distance.