Borewell problem - Low Voltage

Hi all.

I installed 2 HP Texmo submersible borewell in my farm last week but i am unable to start the motor due to low voltage. I am receiving only 110 volts but the electrician told me more than 190 volts required to ruh the motor.

Request you to kindly suggest if any solution available.



It looks like your transformer over subscribed.

In Karantaka it works like this(thumb rule):
1 transformer can have only 5 connections. EB will ask you to pay  15K for lifetime. A transformer costs 75K, this is devided by 5 connections.
If you are alone in that area you have two options, wait until 4 more connections get enrolled or pay 75K from your pocket they will install transformer, you can collect from farmers 15K each for 4 connections.

If you have very strong political influence you can get it even you are alone.

members from other states can comment how it works in your state.

by the way have you not installed 3 phase motor? 

Thanks srini, It is a single phase motor. The wireman told me the same reason - transformer overloaded.


KT Dinakar

Also read some tech info here … /#msg12835

This in TN - Madurai district

Hello Mr.Dinakar,

The problem with the conventional starter is motor to start requires high surge power, which unfortunately cannot be met when you experience low voltage in the power source.

This could be because of the transformer or line loss due to transmission distance.

Since you say its a single phase machine, the one option is to have a step up transformer or a stabilizer sized to handle this voltage range between the line & your starter.


Check your vendor if they have low voltage model of the same capacity and if yes would they offer a replacement?

You could also approach the nearest substation and see what they got to tell.

This is not only the problem now, most of the areas especially where farming power is supplied experience erratic and irregular supply.

Hope this helps!


Thanks sir.

See this company manufatcures voltage regulators, they have a step up stabiliser for 2 phase/3 phase motors. … ilizer.htm

They have a showroom near KR market Bangalore. I will send contact info to you.

I picked up this lead from an ad. I have not used this product, so you will have to check quality and other aspects when you visit them.

Thanks sir, i will check this

Powerplus controls
74/1 T.A.P lane S.J.P road, Bangalore-02
080-22271868, 41243964,22226264 cell 9986806448


i am planning to take a diesel generator considering the poor power secenario, my electrician is getting a 3 KVA Classic generator - one year old one. It is a 2 hp single phase texmo motor and my concern is the 3 KVA motor will support. kindly suggest. He is quoting a cost of 30K for this genset.


K T Dinakaran

Dear Dinakaran,

Stabilizer would be a better option. Do check out with the company referred by Sri. Going for DG will mean operating & maintenance expenditure, especially considering the escalating price of diesel. Consider if DG would be viable for you in long run.

Regarding your query, yes 3kva would be sufficient for 2hp single phase motor.


Let me know if you are considering solar as an option.

Best Regards.

Hello Sir,

Please consider diesel driven turbine Pump, if you are still having the electricity problems. 2nd hand diesel engines are very cheap & I hope it would be easily available in your area.

All the Best!