Borewell not yielding water

We have 3 borewells with motors at 230 feet depth which were yielding less water for last 3-4 months. Now they have completely stopped. However just 1/2 km away, there is a borwell yielding good water at just 100 feet.

Our borewells are very old and we were wondering if there is any issue with this. Can we do something to change the situation any servicing or similar?
Before trying for water at some other point, we want to see what can be done with our existing pumps.

Suggestions welcome.


This is becoming most common problem. Rain water recharging is the only method to revive this. I will post some presentation on this soon.

See attached presentation. How prepare soaking pit for recharging borewells
borewell-recharging.pptx (1.48 MB)

Dear Sri 2012 sir,

Is it necessary/prefferable, that our bore wells are at low lying area of our land, so that the rain flow water will be in to the pit. can we make a big 2 ft depth pit around the shown pit, so that the rain water may stay for some time around the pit, to drain in.

pl explain about the surroundings of the shown pit for helping us.

with best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

Dear GPRao sir,

Pit around the casing pipe alone is gives minimum result. If we drill casing pipe, cover with nylon net and fill the pit with stones and make like a soak pit it will give best results.

Infact I have not shown the drainage system. you are right it is important have a drainage system to collect the water from farm which is connected to this soak pit.

Consultants will charge 10K for this suggestion.


Forgot to mention about the eligibility test. We have to test the soaking capacity of the borewell before going for recharging. See below video for more info.

It is absolutely true.One of the so called Modern Bhageeratha charges Rs 8000 towards travelling expenses itself around Bangalore, leave alone the consultancy charges.Mr Sri and others in Farmnest are really doing a selfless service to the community.

Dear Sri 2012 sir,

we are very lucky to have sri sir as our Moderator, who is not a consultant. Ha Ha, our farmer friends money is saved. Nice doing sir.

Now it is clear to me and I can impliment this system to my Bore wells. Thank you.

with best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

Dear Nikhil,

When the borewell showed symptoms you should have either reduced the pumping capacity by reducing the pump to lower capacity or have a bypass tee that lets little portion of water pumped flow back to the borewell.

But this would only delay the inevitable.

Attached is a file which would give you an idea about groundwater recharge technicques. This article was once shared by a member in indiawaterworld dot org. More could be found by visiting the below blogs;

A)indiawaterworld dot org
B)thewaternetwork dot com

I happen to be a member in the above blogs too and it has tons of valuable information pertaining to wells.

Hope this helps!


Saravana Kumar
Groundwater recharge technicques.pdf (1.29 MB)

Also suggest googling for bhungroo & naireeta services.

Read something about rain water harvesting technology from them recently.

Thanks to all for valuable suggestions. We had a geologist here today to give us a report on the status. On inspection, he pointed out the following

  1. Reduce motor capacity depending on reduced water capacity. If water is less, then say reduce 6 HP to 5 or 3 HP, something like that.
  2. Increase stage of pump as per depth increase and distance. He said you can add upto 40 stages. So correct the existing setup.
  3. No need for any additional rain water harvest techniques as our location is ideal in all respects for natural rain water harvesting. We had dug a pond also to help in that sense.
  4. Most important that we had ignored, flushing with compressed air. He said this is required to be done every 2-3 years to keep healthy replenishment of water in the bore.

Other than the above, he said only Rains will help, and no other way to change the situation.0

So we are trying the flushing option to see if anything improves.
If anyone has any inputs to above, please let me know.



My views inline in your post below;


Saravana Kumar

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