Borewell Equipments and its Cost

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Last week I fixed a motor in my farm and I think below information would be helpful to someone,

I already dig a borewell of 600 ft and it cost me around 50K. Water came at 180 ft. so planning to fix the submersible motor till 400 ft. It is enough to fix the motor at 300 ft but i decided to fix at 400 ft.

  1. Submersible Motor & Pump - There will be 2 piece, 1 called motor and another is the Pump. Motor will be attached to the Pump and Pump will push the water. Since the depth is 400ft I have decided to go for 7.5hp. Motor will be differentiated using HP like 5, 7.5, 10 hp motor. Similarly Pump will be differentiated based on Stage.
    let me explain what Stage is and How to calculate it. Technically this Motor is used to rotate the Shaft of the Pump and Pump will push the water. Stage is just like a fan to push the water.
    1 Stage will push water to 30 ft.
    Since I fix the motor at 400 ft i bought Pump with 15 Stage. 15 X 30 = 450. So my current Pump will work till 450 ft.
    Note: For example in future if i decided to fix the motor at 600ft I cannot use the same Pump. i have to buy a separate pump with 20 Stage. But i can use the same 7.5 hp motor.
    Now come to the Cost. As far as I enquired Texmo was good but 7.5 hp motor + 15 stage pump would cost around 45K. But the only issue is this will not run in 2 Phase.
    hence I go for a local made which cost me (7.5 hp motor + 15 stage pump ) around 26K. Note - I bought this in Coimbatore and this can be run in 2 Phase also.

  2. Wire - Finolex 1 Meter - 86 Rs. - I bought 170 meters (560ft). (Note: Motor fix length 400 ft + Distance from Motor to Starter 100ft + Buffer 60ft = 560 ft)

  3. Starter - 4K for Phase 3 alone (means ur motor will run only when there is 3 phase power). 10K for Phase 2 and Phase 3 (means ur motor will run in both 2 or 3 phase power).

  4. Pipes - There are 2 types of pipe GI and UPVC.
    GI - Is Iron pipe and 20ft Tata pipe will cost around 2,125 Rs. Note - Tata GI pipes will comes with the coupling and individual coupling would cost u around 225 Rs.
    UPVC - Is Plastic pipe and 10ft Aashirvad pipe will cost around 800 Rs.
    Note: Above mentioned cost is for 2 inch pipe.

  5. Other Items -
    Bore Clamp, Bore Cap, GI Bend Pipe, Greece, Non Return Valve and Transport - This will cost u around 5K to 7K

  6. Motor Fixing charge - I have paid 2K.

So overall cost came around 95K for me excluding digging borewell. Please note that above mentioned Price are as of today and in Coimbatore area.


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  1. You have to consider horizontal distance. i.e above the ground level.
  2. If there is a sand filter of about 40Cubic meter. You need to add 10M of head loss.
  3. If there is a drip system  you have to calculate  1000 drippers 1M head loss.

Am I right?

What’s the pump you got for 26K? Can you provide details? I m looking to buy 5HP pump for my farm.


Hello Vimalan,

I bought a local made pump in Coimbatore.


Can you provide you contact details? I would like to contact you and get one for my farm as well. thanks

You can send me in msg or email me at johnsvukatgmaildotcom