Borewell Cost Breakup Required

I am planning to commission a Borewell in Chennai.  I would like to know the cost breakup involved for a 120 ft deep borewell from scratch.

Can somebody provide the labour cost as well as the material cost for this?

  1. Material Cost (Motor (1 HP), Pipes etc)
  2. Labour Cost
  3. Electrical Cost etc

Any help in this regard is appreciated.

These are the rates at Bangalore Please check at your place.

  1. Texmo 1hp 10stage single phase  Rs. 13800-00
  2. HDPE pipe 12.5kg/  Rs. 115/rmt  x Calculate quantity
        10kg/    Rs. 90/rmt
  3. Electrical cable    Rs. 65/rmt  x Calculate quantity
  4. Panel Board  Rs. 1800/-
  5. Clamps and cover  and misc. Rs. 1000/-
    6.  G.I. Pipe nipples and attaching labour to HDPE pipe  Rs. 850/-
  6. Transportation at actuals
  7. Installation labour  Rs. 1000/-