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Thank you sir Mr.YASH D SHAH.

We will follow your suggestion and we will get back after Flushing Sir,

MANNE.SN,Vasudha Green Farms,


Dear Sir,

As per your description of the status of your borewell, I apprehend the following cause, for your pump being failed -

  1. There is a major possibility of the Silt deposition from your RWH unit into your borewell, which may have deposited in the long duration time, as such, the Pump is not able to work due to the silt clogging up the borewell & pump parts, restricting it to pump the water from the borewell.

Suggested Remedy to your problem -

  1. With the HDPE pipe u dont have the better chance for pulling up your pump trapped into the silt, However, If u dont try to pull the Pump u have a zero chance, as such, u may try to pull the pump with the Chain Pulley set up, to recover your Pump & allow you to Flush the borewell. If you fail to bail the pump out of the borewell u may leave the pump in (Do not Try VERY HARD to pull the Pump)& try to flush the borewell with an Air pipe attached to the compressor to free the sand & then try to pull the pump again

  2. Since you are apprehensive for installing a new Submersible Pumpset, u may install a Vertical Turbine Pump  with a suction screen.

  3. Take precaution for not allowing the silt from your RWH unit entering into the Borewell.

May you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.

Wishing u all the best!




Thanks Shah.

How deep I can go with a vertical Turbine pump?  What would be the approximate cost for my borewell?  Pl advise.


T Shanmughan


Dear Sir,

There are variety of Vertical Turbine Pumps available in the market, there are also Diesel driven Turbine Pumps available which could bail out water from different depth levels.

For the price of the Pumpset you need to enquire at your local dealer as per the construction of the borewell, & the suction depth, per hour water yield from the borewell etc.

You can google for the dealers in your area.

All the Best!


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Dear Shanmugan,

CRI as well as WPIL both are leading manufacturer’s of irrigation VTP’s.

Personally I have not seen the performance of these VTP’s, but going by the spec’s it looks like a good bet.


Saravana Kumar


i have a borewell, whose depth is 563 ft. i put 26 (2")pipes of 20 ft each = 520 ft and 10hp motor. it pumped water for 1/2 hour of 2". later it pumps on for 10 seconds full 2" and 10 seconds only one or half inch. so i installed one more pipe of 20 ft. after this the situtation has worsened further. now i get water only for 10 minutes of 2" and later 10 seconds full 2" and one minute 1/4 inch water. also there is always water flowing/falling sound in the pipe.
is there any leakage? if yes, can it be plugged.
any suggestion/advise is highly appreciated.



Hi Moideen,

Looks like primarily the motor is not running at full RPM always, reasons could be;

A)No sufficient voltage supplied to the motor i.e varying voltage
B)Impeller damage

Can you tell me what are the voltage levels there and what capacity of capacitor is put up?



dear mr. saravana kumar
tks for yr quick reply.
on the first attempt/first day the voltage was around 370-380v and on the second attempt/day (after installing the extra pipe) the voltage was 350-360v.
voltage fluctuation is around + or - 20v
Have no idea about capacitor.



If that was open circuit voltage, then connected load voltage would be worse than that.In which case  the RPM would vary and proportionate to the voltage available.

My suggestion would be to get a local electrician have the capacitor rating checked and see if increasing the capacity makes any difference.


Please note that if motor is rated at 415V 50Hz 2880rpm,

motor shaft will rotate/revolve at 6.94rpm per V and draw the rated current to discharge X liters at Y head.

The same if the voltage was lets say 350V, rpm would be 2429, meaning the rpm is only at 84%, so you would lose 16% of the discharge.

This will worsen more as voltage drops more.

Hope this helps!

Regards and good luck,


Dear Mr. Moideen,

From the description of your problem, I understand that you have 3 phase - 10HP Submersible Pumpset and a Star Delta Starter.

I - it pumped water for 1/2 hour of 2". later it pumps on for 10 seconds full 2" and 10 seconds only one or half inch.

The borewell aquifers are all flowing sources, Initially when you are starting the Submersible Pumpset after a certain time interval the pump bails out the water column stored (STATIC WATER LEVEL) into the borewell giving you the flow of 2" for a limited time and when the water coming in from the aquifers reach at the pumping level (DRAW DOWN LEVEL) you get the reduced flow i.e. the actual incoming flow of water from the aquifers. refer figure below.



Suggested Solution to your problem -

Scenario -I with OLD PUMPSET -

If you have not installed your pumpset recently, you will need to remove the Pumpset from the borewell and get it check with your nearby dealer’s workshop if the all the impellers of the Pump are functional. Now a days, there are multistage pumpsets with no.s of impellers to deliver the available water quantity from particular depth to discharge point, if some of the impellers are not functional the pump would not deliver the quantity to the fullest, and as such you will need to replace the worn out impellers with new ones.


If you have installed a newly purchased Pumpset, there is a possibility that the pumpset suggested to you by your drilling agency or the pump dealer is of the higher capacity compared to the per hour water yield available from the borewell, as such u may 1st try to return the ½" dia flow back into the borewell, by fixing a 2" x ½" dia reducer Tee SOCKET with a ball valve to divert the ½" flow back into the borewell. U may also do the Automation for the running hours of the pumpset, so that you are able get the per hour yield from the borewell to your storage tank for 24 hours (When you are SLEEPING your SYSTEM is Working)

You may try the above given suggestions & if you still have some problem, you may contact us with following informations -

  1. Per Hour water yield known during the drilling.
  2. Depth to 1st Aquifer & 2nd Aquifers from Ground Level, in the Rock formation i.e. after the installation of the Casing Pipe.
  3. Diameter of the Borewell.
  4. Type of Rig engaged for Drilling i.e. DTH, Reverse Rotary etc. and the Air compressor details.

All the above details you will get from your drilling agency.

All the Best!


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As sen from the above discussions it is Confirmed  Scenario - II that our Friend has installed a Pumpset more capacity than that of the Water yield in the Bore well. It may be attributed that this Borewell is having the Yield of 1&1/2 " or 1" yield. Hence the Pumpset has o be installed according to the Yield of the Borewell. Because our Friend has already Purchased the Pumpset it may not be Possible to Change the Pump-set.If it is Possible it is better to Change the Pumpset or otherwise our Friend has to follow your Suggestion at “Scenario - II With NEW SUBMERSIBLE PUMP-SET.” provided he is getting FREE Power for Agrl. Otherwise it is suggestible to Change the Pumpset for getting un-interrupted flow of Water sir.

Regarding other points:
Now a days The Drilling operators are not following and not assessing the Yield taking into the advantage of Lack of Knowledge of the Consumers.It may not be out of Place to mention that most of the Drillers are not having the “V” natch if at all having not assessing the Yield using “V"Natch. The Dia must be 6” and the  rig used might be DTH

Vasudha Green Farms,,


have anyone in this forum done hydro fracturing of their borewell after scanning.  if yes, what is the cost for hydro fracturing and for scanning.  pls provide contact address of this company in bangalore or in bagepalli (chickballapur dist, karnataka) .  my borewell depth is around 570 feet and is not giving enough water.



The one thing I realized recently is that hydrofracturing is done by many of the local borewell drillers/electricians even. They determine the depth of water bearing layers, tie an explosive to a rope and lower it enough to the layers and blast it. I am told the bore contents are thrown upwards out of the borewell by the pressure. I have heard of mixed results.

[color=red]Disclaimer: I have no experience on the subject; please research the effects, exercise extreme caution and safety precautions on the subject.[/color]


Dear Mr. Moideen,

Hydro-Fracturing / Fracking is very precarious & you require huge some amount of water to inject into the packer system of Hydrofracturing, with a very high pressure pump, which would inflate the packer to create the lateral exertion on the walls of the Borewells, cracking the water bearing rock formation of your borewell. The hydro-fracturing is not a cheap affordable process. But, even though if you have deep pockets, please consider the probabilities, before you want to experiment this process for there is no certainty to developing the favorable fracking to your benefit.

The difficulty of any solution is that the two mental pictures which experiment lead us to form - the one of the particles, the other of the waves - are both incomplete and have only the validity of analogies which are accurate only in limiting cases.

All the Best!


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I fixed a second-hand 3-phase 2-hp (25 stage V3V4 Taro Texmo) pump with 1" delivery at 200’ level.  I am getting water with full pressure for 3 hours (3 phase supply is available only for 3 hours!).

Following problems had to be resolved before achieving this:-

1.  The salvaged pipe, cable and other accessories were stored in neighbours farm.  The pipe broke into 2 pieces which was joined by a GI pipe and nut-bolt by hot oil process.

  1. The rats cut by cable into pieces and I had to buy a new bundle of cable. 

  2. The bracket holding the weight of pump got lost, which was realized in the last moment and replaced.

4.  While removing the old pipe and cable, my casing got damaged.  I had to buy one 6-1/2" PVC coupling and 1’ length pipe.

During last summer, my farm and most of the neighbouring farms got burned due to some wild fire.  All my exposed drip pipes and trees got burned.  I tried to save some trees by hiring some water tankers.  I could save only a very few trees.  Need to replant trees after repairing my drip pipes.

I have tried corn and Tur Dal now totally relying on rain!

Thanks to all for giving your valuable input.

With regards,

T Shanmughan


Great to hear that its resolved.

But I can understand what you must have went through.

All the best with the fresh plants!



Hi Moideen,

Hydraulic fracturing, commonly referred to as fracing or fracking, is the process of creating small cracks, or fractures inside the drilled borewell, to enhance bore yield by applying high water pressure inside or using explosives.

Kindly note that, hydrofracturing is successful in most of the cases when done in the fractured zones below the
water table. And like other emerging technologies, HF does have its own limits like the rock must be of a jointed nature and in a condition which makes HF possible,it must be recommended not to do in zones where the packer will be on rocks with
a resistivity less than 50 Ω m. this is due to the risk of the packer getting struck,the well must not have inclination, because this increases the risk of the packer unit to get struck in the well.

Because of the above there is no guaranteed success in well improvement post HF.

Came across through an article published by Shri.T.S.Badrinarayanan, a geo-scientist , that " Frac Tech [P] ltd, Bangalore (2, Parvatha Industrial Complex, Gangamma Circle, Jalahalli, Jalahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka 560013,Ph: 080 2345 5636) " conducts this HF technique in Bangalore and in Karnataka state, but not sure about the commercials though.

You could check with them the charges and if anything refunded incase HF dont succeed.

Hope this helps!



Thanks Saravanan.  It was a great help to get such expert suggestion from people like you in farmnest!

Shall update you on the progress later.

With regards,

T Shanmughan


@ Shanmughan

It is really not a big thing that I do here on farmnest, am just sharing the limited knowledge I posses. We both should be thanking the farmnest administrators for creating and managing this wonderful forum so effectively.

And again good luck with your fresh plantation!




I fully endorse your views. A very big “Thank you” to Chandra and his team!