Bore well - sudden stoppage of pumping


Dear Members,
I dug a bore well to my home year ago and was quite well till last 2- jan 2014 evening, i was getting enough water without stoppage,surprisingly all off the sudden there is no water pumping from 3 Jan 2014 morning. i need to know the cause of the water stoppage and if there is any water drought  in the bore well,how to deepening the bore well. the existing bore well located under the portico of the House.

Please suggest…
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Dear Mr.Thangavel,

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Did you check the current drawn by the pump when run?

If the pump runs but there is no water there are many problems that might be causing it. The pump may be air locked which can be fixed by stopping and starting the pump several times. The water level in the pump may be too low and can be fixed by waiting for the well to recover. There could be a leak in the drop pipe which requires checking for leaks. The pump parts could be worn which would be solved by replacing the worn parts. Other problems include a loose motor shaft, the pump check being jammed or the discharge line check valve was put in incorrectly.Also, check the screen filter as well.

If the pump is not running, please check the power supply.

Other troubleshooting steps can be recommended only after fully understanding your bore and pump.

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Thanks you for your feedback sir,
We are now checking the Motor,will get in touch with you soon.


seems problem of motor. do recharge the borewell along with motor checkup.
For borewell pipes use