Bore well problem

Hi friends !
I have a problem with my bore well.
The bore well is of 40 feet depth.
The casing pipe of 4 inches dia is dummied at 35 feet .
The bottom portion contains holes for 5 feet height covered with nylon cloth for filtration.
The motor capacity is 2 HP.
The bore well is not in operation for about six months.
The suction pipe is of 3 inches dia with foot valve at the bottom ,running through the 4 inch pipe for a depth of 33 feet.
Water output is zero as of now.
We tried the following :

  1. Removed the suction pipe an cleaned the bore casing pipe with a shell. No sediments were found.
  2. Removed the foot valve and introduced a check at the top .
    None of the above worked.
    The water level is at 15 feet from ground level.
    The plumber says the sediments are choking around the holes in the casing pipe and the bore well has become useless and a new bore well is to be drilled.

Pleas e advise.


It is not apparent as to why you have dummied at the Bottom at 35 feet Depth.
As thought of the Nylon cloth might have dummied with Fine Sand and mud particles.
Then where is the scope for entering water to the suction of  i.e. Casing Pipe.
Hence  remove the Dummy at the Casing Pipe Bottom and put the Screened suction pipe
below the Draw Down water level . Definitely it will work. Otherwise install 2 HP
Submersible Motor Pump-set by removing the casing pipe Dummy.

Ask your Driller about the Yield of the Bore-well in Gallons per Hour or how-many
inches Yield as per  “V” Natch Measurement.

If it doesn’t work pl. Mail the full details with Images if any to my
Mail ID

Dear Varaahan,

First of all why have a monoblock suck water from that depth?

For the mentioned depth, a 1hp submersible pump will offer a superior performance.

Having said that, going by your current issue, looks like the existing pumps impeller has damaged. When you say water @ 15foot, clear from sediments I dont see any issue for the monoblock to pump.

Can you reduce your suction from 33ft to lets say 20ft and check?


Saravana Kumar

have you checked impeller rotation direction?
Have you done priming? did you check if there was any leakage in the foot valve?

I know all these are basic points but sometimes we forget to check.