Bore well problem

My Native place is one village near Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu, India.

My bore well 510 feet done and got water after 350 feet( 1 inch water). I installed 5 HP 17 stage submersible pump (KSB brand) at 460 feet.

It is working normally for few minutes and after that some dusty water is coming and it is stopping. Starting after 30 minutes again its working for few minutes and then stopping after coming dusty water.

We tried pulling down the motor but we can’t due to lot of sludge after 460 feet. Some mechanics told me that all it is waste and need to wait rain, it is really strange for me.

Any idea what can be the reason for this and how can I solve this issues to work well.

Thanks in advance.


Looks like 2 issues here, A)Silt B)Insufficient yield for the pump to wok well

Few suggestions

  1. Ideally the drillers should have flushed your bore when drilling, if not try flushing / cleaning your bore

  2. You have to select the pump based on the bore yield. The periodicity of pumping also to be planned accordingly.

  3. The casing is either properly not installed or it has cracked or it has encountered with a hole somewhere along the length. Check the casing pipe for damages and also if possible increase the depth of the casing pipe.

4.Try having an online filter on the Delivery side.

My advice to you is to send in all the details, such as :


length of casing installed

height of casing above groundlevel

type of pump installed

So that the members could be in a better position to advice you as to what needs to be done.

Hope fully, you can manage to find a solution to your problems from the various suggestions that have been made.

All the best.



Thanks for the reply.

kindly let me know the below points.

  1. Can I flush / clean again the bore. It will not affect the bore right??

  2. I have another bore well near to this new one (approx 500 meter), and when i drilled the new bore, i can see some air came from my old bore ( old bore 360 feet, now there is no water). So that bore mechanic told me, i could not continue further, because i can see some air from old bore, so it will affect new one when i continue further. But i argued with him to continue some more feet, but they didn’t do. Is that mechanic correct??

  3. When i put the filter in the bottom of the pump, it will solve?

Current motor details for your kind attention

KSB motor
5 HP motor
17" casing installed ( new one and i used old motor). I assembled casing to old motor from coimbatore motor company (DECCAN)

Please give me your suggestion.

Can I get some person from Motor company to check further.??



When borewell is cleaned the permeability of the borewell is increased by removing fine materials like sand, clay deposits and rock cuttings accumulated in borewells and gravel packing provided around well screens. Usually it is done by over pumping water in the borewell or flushing the borewell with adequate air pressure.
In hard rock areas, flushing is done after the drilling process for at least 2-3 hours by using compressed air before drilling is stopped. Most of the drillers avoid this as it is an additional task. This is an important process that must be finally performed bef ore completion of the drilling process at any given site.
Well development is also carried out to borewells which are facing reduction in water yield over a period of time to increase its yield. The reduction in yield can be due to clogging of pores spaces by silt and mineral deposits. Flushing using air pressure or over pumping the borewell are the methods normally employed to improve the yield of such borewells.

So should be worth to clean the bore and yes, your bore will get affected but only for the betterment.

Also, your mechanic could be correct but to what extent that its one of the reason’s for your current problem cannot be accurately gauged.

Having a filter at the delivery will definitely improve the situation even if its not completely eliminating the problem.

And sorry to say, but I fail to understand your motor side, may i ask you to elaborate your motor details please?

At this moment of time you wont be requiring us, all the people you need is

A)To pull out and drop in the pump when required
B)To clean the bore
C)To check casing pipe and increase if you speculate insufficient casing depth

But having said we can assist you technically on options by sending an engineer , but my advice is not to rush into things and incur expenses that could be avoided.


Really thanks for your detailed explanations.

I will check my motor details with my mechanic here and send  to you.


with respect to your problem, I shall suggest, to install the V4 Submersible Pump set, at the depth of 400 feets.

Before purchasing the Pump set, please inform the pump dealer -

  1. Water Yield of 1 inch i.e. approximately 597 LPH (Litres Per Hour)
  2. your water level in the borewell from the surface ground (when not Pumping).
  3. Depth at which the water was struck in the borewell.
  4. Your total vertical head upto the delivery point i.e. from 400 feets into borewell to your storage tank.
  5. Total no. of turns etc.

When you provide these information to the Pump Dealer he shall suggest you the appropriate model of Pump set, which shall deliver you the optimum water quantity available in your borewell.

U may also try the option of Flushing the Borewell with an air compressor, by adding sufficient quantity of water into the borewell from tanker or another borewell etc., to flush the Borewell, & cementation of the drilling dust lapped on the borewell wall, this may cure water aquifer in the borewell & shall yield the optimum quantity of water struck in your borewell.

As the water yield is poor in your borewell, u must run the pump set with sensors in your borewell for auto on/off, which shall help you bail out the 24 hour’s yield water yield from the borewell example - 597 Litres x 24 hours = 14,328 Litres per day.

May u have any further queries, please feel free to ask.

All the Best!