Bore well problem, what is the problem here?

I have just managed to get the bore well (455 feet) done and got water after 390 feet, 420 feet (hardly 1 inches water). I installed 2 HP 25 stage submersible pump (CRI) at 430 feet.

It is working normally for few hours (about 1 hour or so) and after that some dusty water is coming and it is stopping. Starting after few minutes again its working for few minutes and then stopping after coming dusty water.

We tried pulling up and down the motor but still the same problem.

Any idea what can be the reason for this?

It unfortunately looks like the borewell is running dry each time and slowly recharging itself given some time.

Perhaps you could look at implementing methods of improving rainwater retention in your land to take advantage of the ongoing monsoon and raising the water table. More here:

Thanks airfoil for responding.

After 5 feets depth its totally moram till 80 feet and after that its complete rocks till 455, do you think water harvesting techniques will help (more details on my bore well and drilling information at … ck-or.html)


I don’t know much about the effect of that much rock on water harvesting at your farm, but I’m guessing with proper planning and guidance, you can improve the situation.

Could you tell us if you took the advice of a water diviner before commencing drilling? What led you to decide on the spot that you eventually chose?

In any event, it may make sense to invest in another borewell as and use the first one as a backup. Also, what is the extent of your farm?

There was local water deviner with coconut who spotted the point.

I didn’t go for the geologist as people say they are also no perfect and have heard several failure stories. Many local said that there is a good place in my farm where there is abundance of water but that place is nearby my neighbor bore well and he has objection if I put bore well there.

My area is 3 acres. I am wondering how a farmer will do cultivation in case his area is small and surrounded with neighbore’s bore well, is there no way he can dug the bore well because of this govt. rule?

You may find this video useful, assuming you haven’t seen it yet:

As for the rock layer from 80 until 390 feet, I believe you need not worry too much about it - there must be cracks/channels that will eventually carry the water deep enough.

I suggest you keep the faith and look at these means, or simply work toward drilling another well in the spot(s) where water is more likely. It is your land after all, and you could work something out with your neighbour.

Check wth your EB dept what is the min. length required for a borewell to be dug…In cities, the distance is much lesser…

Your neighbour cannot just “object” to digging a bore. If you are well within the limits, you can…

Dear Rameshwari,
I have gone through the problem cited by you as well as the correspondence with ‘airfoil’. To start with - You have water in the Bore-Well. That in itself is great. Now the problem:

  1. You have a bore well of 455’ deep and the Pump installed at 420’ feet, i.e. you have a cushion of 35’ to take care of silt accumalation, if any. I believe this cushion is in excess by at least 15’. You can further lower down the pump by 15’. This will give you addtional water stored.

  2. The present accumalation of water is only 30’ as water is struck at 390’ (Continuous flow). The flow as given is 1". It works out to, assuming the bore dia as 6", 6 Cu. Feet of water accumalation/ minute, which is equivalent to 174 Liters/minute. The water the pump can deliver in one minute will be indicated on the Pump itself. You have to select the pump based on this calculation. The periodcity of pumping also to be planned accordingly. If you do this properly you will not have problem of pumping.

  3. Having said the above, consider the casing upto 80’ - the casing is either properly not installed or it has cracked or it has encountered with a hole somewhere along the length of 80’. As the rest of the length of the Bore is rocky - there is no-way the silt can get-in. If the veins of water is bringing the silt into the Bore - you will have to install a screen on the suction side of the pump. This is not good practice. Best thing is having an online filter on the Delivery side.

  4. The suggestion of ‘airfoil’ regarding the rain water harvesting is not only good but also the best. The method of harvesting can be chosen in such a way to fill the Bore with the water during the ‘Monsoon’ season, i.e. you have to let the ‘Harvested Rain Water’ into the Bore. This will solve the problem during the rainy season.

  5. Finally - if you are having only 3 Acres of land - the water that you get should be sufficient, if you use good method of ‘Irrigation’.

I have shared with you what I thought will be helpfull to you. If the selection of pump for the availabe water is done, you should not have any problem. Please find out from the neighbour if he can share some water from his bore to compensate the lean requirement of your Farm.

As far as my knowledge is concerned,there is no accurate device to find out the under ground water resources. Water “diviner” means a myth that they have some super natural capacity to find out the water resources. Different methods they use, such as pendulam,coconut,wide angle neem stick and so on. No one can give accuracy report. Geologists use electrically operated “Resistivity meter” which explains the performance of the under ground soil. It is purely a soil report. Recently I found a Chinese company made a device to find the ground water. The cost is about 10,000/ US $. But they could not give guaranty for 100% accuracy.

I wonder that not a single scientist is interested and come forward to find out an accurate device for this. Let us believe and wait for the time comes.

Thanks everyone for your response.

One more question, suppose that we found the water at 430 feet and we have motor installed at 420 feet, will we get water from the well? I feel the motor will pull water only till 420 feet, the water flowing in to the well at 430 feet water source will not be pulled. Am I correct in this assumption?

One person told that even water is at 430 feet, the water comes up and we will be able to pull that water that is coming from 430 feet.

Dear Rameshwari,

You are absolutely right. If the water source is at 430’, then you have to drill further for accumalating the water. If the source vein is at 430’ and the pump is installed at 420’, the chances of pumping are remote, as the vein can continue as before drilling the bore well after some time, though initiqally you may get water.