Bore well information

hello sir,

In my village few of bore wells gone dry no water from it… sir if this is the case than what is the alternate method of getting water. want to ask one more thing if you have land and you dig a bore well if it gone dry can you dig bore well in the same land once again  with much depth ( example 800 fts) to get water … can we get water .

sir please let me know … what is the way to get water…

Yes you can dig for greater depth.
If there is no water at greater depth, then only god can help if there is no water.
He has to send rains to charge the borewells, you can help by digging pits for rainwater harvesting. It pays to invest in rainwater harvesting, check with watershed department of government, they have some schemes for ponds.

Till the rains arrive, your only option is to be patient.

Good luck, we are waiting for the same rains to arrive.


Now a days digging borewell has become rat race, every one wants to dig and they are digging by spending lacs of rupees. Alas, they would have spent this much of money for digging pong, trenches, rain water harvesting pitch that would have recharged the same borewell they have.

Digging more fresh borewell with greater depth is not the solutions as that bore well will also go dry in few months/years.

The solution is rain water harvesting, catching rain water and let it sip in the land.

Please focus on rain water harvesting, it pays off greatly.

Well said, Rameshwari.

Ari86, see the video posted in another thread on how to recharge dry borewell.