Bore well costing and depth

I have managed to dug the Bore well, it went up to 455 feet. From top 80 feet to 455 feet its rock, top 80 feet is moram and sand. I got some water after 390 feet. Bore well people said its 1 inch and its enough for apartment like need but not for the farming.

As my farm is going to be natural farm so I want to go ahead with this bore well. I checked some shops for motor pump set and pipes (three phase motor).

One guy quoted 37K for 3 phase motor (7.5 HP) to pull water from 430 feet and other cost for PVC pipe etc and the total cost is exceeding more than 1 lakh.

I called just dial and got some number and those folks told me following

2 HP 3rd stage motor + 1" 32mm 12.5 kg + wire etc and the total cost comes just round 40K. I am wondering how this much of difference of more than 60K is coming.

My another question is whether 2 HP motor will be able to pull out water from 450 feet?


Here is the costing and others details of my bore well drilling

Yes You can have 2 hp motor+starter will be around 14k with 30 stages to pull water up to 450 feet depth. pipe @ 80 per meter is ok.

A local brand 3 HP 30 stage 1" could be got for 7500, not sure of the quality.

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Please find some info here regarding the pump selection and other jargons. … _pump.html