Book Sharing - The Way to Health, Wealth & Happiness - Ashok Sanghavi



I am looking for “The Way to Health, Wealth & Happiness” by Ashok Sanghavi.  If anybody has this book in Chennai, I would like to borrow for sometime.

Members who have this book and would like to share, please let me know.

Padmanabhan Ganesan


Dear Padmanabhan,

Did you got the book or yet to find it?



I have NOT got this book so far. I have read “The Vision of Natural Farming” by Bharat Mansata but the book mentioned above (“The way to Health, Wealth and Happiness” by Ashok Sanghavi) has the implementation details of Baskar Save.

If you (or somebody) have the book, can you provide it?


I have that book and I am in Medavakkam.


Thanks Varaahan.

I will come and collect the book. Please let me know the address and mobile number (through the private message) so that I will get in touch with you.


First of all, thanks to varaahan for sparing the book. Very useful book and very helpful person (varaahan).

I have created a blog on this method and people are welcome to suggest their comments, opinions etc. as there are some open questions as well


Thanks a Lot Padmanabhan


This book is available with “Kings Security Printers Pvt. Ltd” now. Details for obtaining it are at Just ordered today, yet to receive the copy.