Blue or -beyond blue


By reading article like Annadata magazine and news papers dist editions etc,

a kind of grim picture of agriculture is farmed

  1. lack of enough rain
  2. reduced groud water
  3. expensive labour
  4. less market price
  5. farmer deaths (makes me very sad)
  6. changing  weather
    7.  Expensive seeds and not enough buying price for output !!!
  7. storage problem
  8. using pesticides is issue and not using is issue
    same with fertilizers.
  9. electricity
  10. apart from local problems
  11. and running weather conditions etc…

The farmers who has been in the field for very long… how do you see and read these news.

How do you see this field. How to be viable mentally and as well as return from the hard work (obviously considering multiple people dependent on the each crop- people who work on the field - and future projects depends on the positive results from the current crop)

Please contribute


Mr Bundy Farmer,

          There are many issues in this world which we get worried about often, Ex:- Rapes against women, Political problems, etc… etc,…  …  Even though there are continuous amendments to the laws and awareness drives by government and many NGOs, the disturbing incidents cant be abolished altogether and the incidents which deeply disturb us will certainly occur again even in small proportions. This basically is because of the lack of understanding, behavior and mental situation of the people.

The same applies to the situation of the farmers as well. We hear about the suicides of the farmers, problems with power, electricity, cost of pesticides and fertilizers etc… Governments and NGOs will try to fix this, but it keeps coming back. We are to blame ourselves. Everybody knows that the reason for all the issues that you listed is our own greed, ignorance and ‘want to get rich quick’ kind of an attitude.

If you have clarity of thought, what you are gonna do in agriculture, and dedication towards it, agri is a profitable business. If you are into agri because of any of the reasons mentioned above, please get your mind clear about it and then proceed.


Thank you Bahayya AKfarms.!

Risk is there in Every activity. But the Risk is very little in Farming, provided it should do it in a Planned Manner.Planning and assessment of Market is Most essential.One who based on Land land will not put them into loss."Bhumini Nammukonnavaariki Eppatiki Nastamu Jarugadu.It is a GOOD SIGN now Govt. has recognized the Importance of Farming and have Provided separate Budget for Agriculture.

Vasudha Green Farms,

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