Black pepper and melia dubia

Dear Expert,

I am planning to do black pepper cultivation and i want to know if i can plant melia dubia as a support for black pepper vine.
I will plant melia dubia which i assume can grow 12 feet in one year approx. and same time i will plant black pepper vine and use melia dubia as support for it. I am planning to put 4 vines on a single melia dubia tree.

Please suggest if this work as melia dubia is fastest growing tree.
Silver oak is also recommended but i dont know what is its growth rate in a year time.

I am expecting black pepper vine to grow 10 feet in a year.

Dear Sri Sandeepspatkar,
Upto my knowledge, Silver oak is very much suitable for Pepper vine climbing support.

In Malnadu area of Karnataka, most of the pepper farmers are using silver Oak tree as support tree .

The average age of the climbing tree should be more than the age span of pepper vine tree. Pepper will live more than 35 to 40 years and the silver Oak tree lives very much more than that. Apart from that, the value of the Silver Oak tree will very tasty after the said 40 years life.Gets very good value.You pl visit Malnadu area of Karnataka state.

As far as Melia Dubia tree is concerned, upto my knowledge , its life is less and tree size comes very much bulky ,even within 5 years. Isuggest you that selecting Melia Dubia tree is a risky and no one till now, upto my knowledge , are using melia dubia tree as vine suppport tree.

All the best,  g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your reply,

Can you please guide me on what will be the height of 1 year old silver oak tree.

Sandeep S. Patkar

Dear sir. I am from madurai. I want to grow pepper on melia dubia. Did you try that. Kindly inform.

Dear sir. I am from madurai. I want to grow pepper on melia dubia. Did you try that. Kindly inform.share your contact please.

I actually switched to vegetable farming but that too i left after getting
huge losses.

I am new to farming and I am keen to plant pepper in my farm. From what I have understood from this forum, I have to wait till the support trees are abt 2-3 years, and then start planting pepper saplings… Is there any other way to start this without waiting for 2-3 years ?


U can use cement poles as support to grow black pepper

Thank you…

U can try bush variety pepper

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