BIOFARMS- Slow release fertilizer (Srf) Technology

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Biofarms  Slow Release Fertilizer Technology

Materials Required

Fresh cow dung  - 30 kg  +  Soil  -10 kg +  Urea- 1 kg + Single Super Phosphate -3 kg + multi  Micro

nutrients- 250 gms + 10:26:26 - 3 kg + sulphur -500 gms + add EM - culture 2 % solution  - mix it

well and  make  small balls (  50 -100 gms or more) dry under shade. It can be stored.

  After drying place 2-4 balls  per  pots terrace garden /vegetables .

(Enrichment  add Bye Bye Phorate/Furadan System)

PLEASE PRACTICE  and give feed back

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Dear all,

Osmocote system is used for control release of fertilizers(Polymer coating). It is really interesting

and a low cost “MADE IN INDIA TECHNIC”