Biochar Availability

Can anyone suggest me as to where can I source Biochar () from? Biggest challenge I am currently facing is HUGE transportation costs which doesn’t seems feasible/sustainable.
I am from Bangalore having a farm in Tumkur district, Karnataka.

Also, what’s the average cost  for both activated and not activated biochar?

Please work out the costs of the material also. I don’t think it is economical in Indian conditions.

The biomass will reduce to 20% after converting into Biocahr.
It is economical only in countries where wood is abundantly available for free of cost.
You can prepare bio char even from rice husk but rice husk is also costs you. see below video how you can make rice husk biochar

In my view preparing yourself  is economical for you, if only you lot of biomass and you don’t have any other option than burning it.