Biobased Chemicals Market Is Booming Worldwide

Globally, in recent years, there has been a shift toward development of sustainable materials to replace petroleum-based derivatives. Moreover, biobased chemicals, which were initially unable to compete with the traditional products on terms of performance in the chemicals industry, are now substituting the petroleum-based products such as diesel and natural gas. The availability of low-cost feedstocks and the rising awareness of consumer toward eco-friendly products are making the biobased chemicals market a lucrative one.

Hey, Manish,

I agree with you but I am not sure about the products or crops you are talking about or referring about. In the substitute to Diesel and other petrochemicals, there is always gap in demand and supply. The other issue with biosisel crop production is low price and low yield per unit area which is resulting in failing to get attention of the many farmers.

If you come across a very good option keep posting.