Bio Cultures

Can anybody guide on buying of Trichoderma ,Azospirillum, Phosphate culture, verticillium,
Potash bacteria Cultures in Mumbai…


Pest control India for most of the bio cultures

Contact Bangalore director Mr Jayant or Dr Malvika Choudhary

You can ccontact dr. s.kundu at  09967554895 .you can refere my name sainathan

Dear Mr.,
Plse contact Agriland Biotech Ltd, Baroda for all bio products. Contact Mr. Mukesh (Director) Technical

See the web site and you will get all products/ Maharashtra Biofertilizers India pvt Ltd  see the web


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Dear Sir,
We are supplying various agri inputs to farmers and we can supply these cultures from Pune.

We are authorize for it, we have excellent facility to identify cultures by 16s/18s rDNA and biochemical and metobolic methods