Bighaat Online Portal Review

Bighaat Online Portal Review
range 4.0 1 support 3.0 1 price 4.0 1 overall 4.0 1

Bighaat - a decent experience.

I have been a regular buyer of agri inputs from for several years now. I primarily shop for crop seeds and sometimes for bioproducts.

What is nice:

  1. Decent range of seeds, inputs and tools. Their site shows partnership with a bunch of good companies
  2. A solid, professional support team, mostly agriculture graduates, who are available to answer queries. A missed call often gets an immediate callback
  3. Reasonable level communication and transparency on order status
  4. Website and app work okay
  5. Discounts and offers put seed prices on par with offline channels, if not better
  6. Professional and accessible management team

What can improve:

  1. Site can be more intuitive, It is not too easy to select a specific crop’s seeds without a lot of unrelated search results, for example. App seems okay but I prefer not to install many apps
  2. Product availability status was often inaccurate earlier but seems to have improved of late. This has a knock down effect that one tends to order by COD, and needs to coordinate with courier and pay for each shipment separately when it arrives - quite inconvenient - it is easier to go buy in a physical shop instead
  3. Sometimes, products with just a month or two’s validity are shipped and results in lot of back and forth
  4. Not all products are available - e.,g, snakegourd, yellow cucumber are hard to come by. Bulk seeds such as wheat, chana, cowpea, groundnut are not made available


Bighaat works well to support farmer needs with convenience and seems to be improving quickly, while product quality and communication need to get better.
(Don’t forget we have some Bighaat support team members on the forum to assist if needed).

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Just received products on my latest order, with some more products to come, nice!

Elaborating issues mentioned above:
I had specifically requested products with minimum validity of 4 months and got confirmation to the same effect, but here is one with 2 month validity. There are some that are on offer due to short expiry period - that is understood and accepted by the customer before purchase but not this. Bighaat needs to tighten on this aspect.

A load of messages on email, sms and whatsapp for an order confound tracking and waste time. I counted 12 emails, 5 sms, 2 whatsapp messages for this part order so far, with more to come for confirmations and the rest of products.
I would just like one for order confirmation and one per shipment for out for delivery.

Another order needs another conversation on expiry dates of the seeds. This is a consistent issue that needs addressed.