BigHaat Agro Private Limited is engaged in the business of providing a technology platform focused on agricultural inputs connecting farmers with suppliers and providing quality inputs to growers.

The Company has a hybrid business model that is a combination of specific activities in the online and offline space. On the online front, the Company is aiming to become a leading supply chain technology platform in the agricultural domain in India, connecting the farming community directly with the suppliers in a transparent manner to empower the farmer. It is presently India’s largest “multi-brand agro seeds platform” with several leading seed suppliers and agro-producers across India bringing their products (such as seeds, agro-products such as crop protection, instruments, accessories, etc.) on the Company’s platform to provide their quality products and services directly to farmers to serve end-to-end agro community needs. The platform not only ensures listing of various agri- products on their website but connects buyers with suppliers for pre-sale and post-sale support services providing seamless end to end user experience.

The offline activities of the Company involve sending field agents to farmers and other agriculturists across India in an effort to familiarize them with modern agricultural supply chain practices and drive up sales of modern agro-products. The field agents will also familiarize the farmers with the Company platform, which will allow the farmers to order farm implements and supplies on their own, which will be delivered to their location. The Company’s field agents also help in educating farmers on best practices/tips, package of practices and provide information on local attributes such as weather, soil quality, ideal crops, etc. to enable the farmers to maximize their yields.

The company is actively working with suppliers as partners in providing text/audio crop advisory to farmers over crop cycle in regional languages which benefits farming community to follow best practices to realize better yield. Information reach and availability to farmers is currently limited to a generalized data, however there is a strong need to provided localized information to farmers to empower them taking right decisions to improve yield and income. It is developing a next generation mobile App to provide information to farmers containing localized weather, soil, mandi prices, news and schemes. The company is planning to connect various other service providers such as logistics, storage and buy-back platform to help farmers availability of quality integrated services under one platform.

BigHaat customer base include farmers, nurseries, NGOs, green house and poly house growers. It has a unique customer base of 5,000+ spanning across India, and has impacted over 50,000 farmers so far. It fulfilled 10,000+ orders from the launch.

Benefits to Farmers:

  • Access to quality and genuine agri-inputs, at the right price and right time.
  • Access to wide range of inputs v/s limited range locally available now.
  • Access to localized information such as weather, suitable crops based on demographics, regional market prices, relevant advisory, schemes & news collected and analyzed from various sources to empower farmers to take right decisions.
  • Ability to diversify
  • Will open up other services such as insurance and financial products, which are currently difficult to access
  • Digitization is the precursor to bringing in reforms in the sector
  • Finally better returns to farmers and make farming more viable.

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Welcome Bighaat, to FarmNest!
Look forward to your first hand support to the farmers in this community.

Thanks Chandra, we look forward to.

Big haat is one of the best online e commerce for agriculture. We welcome them, hope they will help us for our new Agro business.

Agree, I had bought seeds online from a few times and was quite happy with their service. The key advantage for me was that I got to see and compare different company varieties than being pushed by a dealer to pick what is available. Home delivery saves some time and the last time I checked, their pricing was attractive too.

Sateesh who posted above is the CEO of Bighaat, so feel free to ask what you like.

FarmNest is in no way affiliated to Bighaat but I have personally invited them to come on board to provide some preferential support to FarmNest folks! (and possibly some special pricing) :wink:

Mr. Chandra,
You are right. Big haat really has good platform where we compare different varieties of seeds and get them at attractive price. Hope they will help our farmnest members specially. Thank you Mr. Chandra for your efforts in bringing forward farmnest.

@BigHaat @sateeshnukala
Any plans for green manure seeds this season?

We ( BigHaat) are in discussion with few leading suppliers, will update here once we list the product.

Yes… I am also looking for Sunhemp seeds…

Please let us know once they are available.

Venu Kulkarni @BigHaat

Bighaat team,
Any plans of stocking Jowar back?
Also do you have Bajra and Ragi?

There is stock availability of Jowar with us (Bighaat), kindly find the link-

We will update once we list Bajra and Ragi.


@Chandra Thanks for bringing @BigHaat on this forum.
Even, I am quite impressed with their service and cooperative attitude towards the buyers.
It will really help us to get the required seeds without much of follow up with the local seed dealers.

A great move @sateeshnukala !! All the very best for your venture !!!


Dear Pradyot,

Thanks for your feedback and encouraging words. We will strive to serve continually better by expanding our portfolio of products and services.