Bhindi (Okra) - is it disease or deficiency? - please help

Hello friends,
I am farmer from maharashtra. I have planted bhindi for the first time. I have used MAHYKO 64 variety and my plants are 23 days old (about 4-5 leaves).
Since couple of days I have noticed yellow spots on old, broader leaves of bhindi. Is it some sort of dificiency or viral infection? I did some search and found that yellow mosiac virus make veins apper yellow but lucky in my case veins are clear yet. (pls see the attachments ) pls advice me. thanks in advance.

What are fertiliser you used. organic or chemical. Have got your soil tested? Looks like lack of micronutrients. However get your soil tested and post the results.

Nearest KVK or horticulture dept. should do this free of cost if you provide necessary documents.

I really appreciate your help. thanks friend. I will get soil tested.

For micronutrient deficiency as Sri says, you might try spraying a micronutrient mix in a small area to see if it resolves the problem.

Did you also look for any small sucking insects that may be injuring the leaves?