Best way to cut down on transportation costs?

Transportation seems to eat up major part of profits when trying to take advantage of price arbitrations. Have seen daily buses, lorries, other means employed to reduce the costs. There are multiple products which can be moved from one place to other for good profits. Wanted to check on experience of the people on this forum on how they have been able to establish and maintain this setup and relationship?

best modes?, relations ship? payments? reliability? etc

Possible Products? Floriculture, Banana leafs, Banana, Betel leafs? etc Anymore?


If it is from start to destination, then state run buses are best. You can load on top if there is a carrier and be friendly with Driver and Conductor. Of course you need to take tickets for luggage. So is with Pvt buses. I think thats how majority of goods gets transported. Like what you have mentioned,  Now with Volvo buses, you have ample luggage space under belly.Easy to load and unload.



Thanks Murlai.

What could be an approximate estimation for say a 100KGS of fruits being transported from A to B 300 KMS away? Can this kinda be managed on a day to day basis?  and would be the best way for last mile transport? if its in Bangalore we probably need to get it down in some convienent place or probably last stop?  and then move it?

I agree with Murali’s points and adding further more modes.
All and everything are best modes which help us to reach products to the targeted destination by bus, lorry, courier, train, by friend or friends friend, relative etc based on circumstances.

Human relationships makes one to feel haven if they maintain proper relationships. Hence good relationships always good not only for transportation of goods, but for everything.

Nothing. I have tasted such benefits because of my terms and conditions with the person who is in other side.
In most of the cases, still I have not seen them those who are provided seeds, planting materials and information etc. because of my words those touched their hearts while I placing my desire of getting the requisite information, seeds, planting materials etc.

In return to their help I always compensate their efforts in terms of I gifting seeds, planting materials or any important information or knowledge to them. Accordingly when ever I travel to meet other farmers, I carry certain seeds, sapling or information for them to gift that to the person.

I have got KIWI & RUDRAKSHI plants from Nepal without any cost, but with love and affection. I have also got Memordica seeds from a Farmer in my own state only with telephonic conversation.

In the recent past when I had been to know more and get the castor, I personally introduced myself to head of the family and expressed my love towards agriculture and the castor which they groen, accordingly he permitted me to inspect. During my inspection, his wife came and asked me who and why was their and I requested her to provide some seeds of those pink colored seeds. Initialy shed demand me about Rs.50 for one kg seeds. After interacting about agriculture, general.

Finally when I asked the amount for 3 verity seeds along with pink colored one. Simply she refused to receive money from me by telling, since you have good desire and purpose, hence I do not need any money from you and I wishing you for best with this.

Though she demanded money, after knowing my desire and love on agriculture and other in general, she changed her mind from commercial to blessing/encouraging mode to wishing me.

So if you have strong desire and true efforts, nothing can stops you from getting what you want from this universe.


random visits and goodwill apart, we were looking at more of a practical approach to run it on daily mode. barter system may be good few times, but it does not fit necessarily all of the times.